10 tips for drying hair

Just thinking about the drying process can prevent women with long hair from taking a shower to refresh before a special event. If you have a thick hair structure that gets electrified quickly or has a hard time getting rid of it, or if you have hair that loses its volume very quickly because it is thin, we are here to give you tips on hair drying. So let’s start! If you dry your hair superficially, it means that you do not take your hair health very seriously. Because drying hair is actually not as easy a process as one might think. For this reason, we will talk about some points that should be considered before using a hair dryer and when using a hair dryer.

1. Use conditioner

If you have a hair structure that gets electrified and distressed, or if your hair has been dyed or highlighted, after washing your hair, apply conditioner from the middle to the ends of your hair (never to the hair roots). This helps your hair to open more easily, as well as prevents the ends from breaking while combing. Conditioner helps to repel water to replenish the moisture that the hair needs and to prevent the hair from absorbing more water than is necessary after a shower.

2. Do not brush or comb your hair without taking moisture from your hair.

First, remove all moisture with an adequate towel. Squeezing your hair before getting out of the shower is also a good way to remove excess water. After getting out of the bathroom, quickly wrap your hair with a towel. If you think that your towel is not good, if it does not absorb the water properly, remove the excess water from your hair with soft movements with a paper towel, just as you dry the greens you have washed with a towel. You can also use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.

3. Comb properly dehydrated hair with a wide-tooth comb

After removing the excess water from your hair, you can now comb or brush your hair. If the ends of your hair are very broken or weak, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush. In this way, you prevent your hair ends from breaking. At the same time, if there is still water left in your hair, you can also ventilate your hair with a coarse-toothed comb.

4. Wrap your hair with a towel

Wrap your hair with a dry towel again, even if you think you’ve dehumidified it properly. While your towel absorbs the moisture in your hair, you can also take care of your daily care and apply your creams.

5. Apply moisturizer to the ends of your hair before you start drying your hair.

Many different brands have started to produce hair care oils to prevent and strengthen the ends of the hair. These moisturizers applied to damp hair ends make the hair ends healthier and stronger. Apply a suitable moisturizer for your hair type.

6. If you want to dry your hair properly, get out of the bathroom

The steam and humid environment in the bath you just took with hot water will prevent your hair from drying out. Therefore, dry and style your hair in another room, not in the bathroom. Moreover, when combined with the hot, steam-filled bath coming from the dryer, it will create a hammam effect, causing you to sweat and fatigue, as well as slowing the drying of your hair. Go to your bedroom or dressing room. On the other hand, by not using an electrical appliance on a wet floor, you also ensure your home safety.

7. Pay attention to whether your hair dryer has more than 1 temperature.n

While your hair is now damp, you should not dry them on hot heat. For this reason, it is necessary to switch to cold-warm first and then to hot gradually. The hottest temperature is to give your hair curls, etc. should be used in the shaping phases. In this sense, when you start drying your hair with a single temperature machine, you will damage your hair. Therefore, go for machines with more than 2 temperatures. Remember, on summer evenings, when we go out with our wet hair after our bath after the sea, how pleasant our hair dries and becomes by itself. Give your hair a summer evening breeze while you dry your hair.

8. Take time for the hair drying process

Quickly dried hair is both difficult to style and quickly damaged. Insufficiently dried hair bases also invite diseases such as colds and sinusitis. Especially if you have a disease such as migraine, you should definitely not get a cold from your head area. For this reason, you should make sure that your hair is well-dried when leaving the house. For this, it is useful to turn to hair dryers with high motor power, but also less damage to the hair, and the air flow is properly adjusted.

9. Use your hair dryer according to your hair type

  • If your hair is fine, if there is a volume problem, dry your hair by tilting your head forward and always shake the machine from bottom to top.
  • If you are complaining about the frizz of your hair, brush it with a soft hairbrush at the same time.
  • Especially if you have a hair that breaks easily and you are in the process of lengthening your hair, if you spend your life at the hairdressers to remove the splits, keep the machine speed and temperature low while drying your hair. Because high heat breaks your hair and damages your scalp.

10. Do not blow dry hair!

Never blow dry hair. If you are going to use the dryer for hair styling, definitely moisten your hair with hair care products or stylers.

Bonus: I’M IN A LOT!

It is not recommended to use alcoholic products as it normally dries the hair, but if you are in a hurry and your hair is still wet, hair spray or mousse with alcohol content will allow your hair to dry faster. It also facilitates the process of styling your hair.