Instagram is a very interesting social media platform! While we are bombarded with filtered posts and ‘perfect’ body photos on the one hand, we see ‘body-positive’ posts on the other. In Instagram, which creates a virtual window to street styles, the latest trends, the private life of celebrities and the new collections of brands, we can be fascinated more than once and forget the facts. Before the time of Instagram, we had the same image of the ‘perfect’ body: perfect curves, super long legs, a slender waist, and smooth skin. These views, which we see hourly on our phones, which we do not drop, may make it difficult to distinguish between real and virtual. But think about it this way… How often do you encounter the flawless skin and bodies you see on Instagram in real life?

The ladies around us, ourselves, our friends and the women in our family… Do you know a woman who does not have stretch marks, cellulite, acne problems, pore complaints, folded abdomen or calves that spread when sitting? Probably the answer to this question is a clear ‘no!’ We’ve said over and over that many of the things we see on the internet and on Instagram are deceptive. However, this medium where we spend hours every day shows the opposite of what we say. That’s exactly why it’s time to meet Instagram accounts that share the ‘facts’. It is not to belittle or humiliate fit-bodied, slim-built women! To add some more real posts to your life and your Instagram page.

Influencers who boldly share their stretch marks, those who aim to change their body perception, those who clearly show the differences in the middle of the edited and unfiltered photos, those who underline the effects of photos taken from different angles… Yes, Instagram is a magical world, but with these accounts, you can get closer to seeing the truth. Ladies who make you happy with positive and mood-enhancing messages when you feel bad, share the stories and experiences of women, but can also tease themselves, transform our Instagram page into a place where we can empower and unite. There may be those who prefer to share filtered photos and edit their photos. We can’t say anything about it, and we can’t criticize it too much if it doesn’t create a perception disorder. But in these times when we miss honest sharing, we can’t miss those around us and those who share our own travel!

Below you can see 15 Instagram accounts that are the meeting point of women who do not hesitate to talk about their experiences, highlight valuable bets and learn to love themselves…


Allowing you to start your day with words that elevate your mood every day, Female Collective is a page that celebrates, raises, supports women and aims to raise their mood every day. This page, which allows you to strengthen your self-love, will also make your day better with its jokes.


Everyone should follow Ashley Graham’s page! Speaking openly about motherhood, weight, stretch marks, weight and skin issues, Ashley Graham questions everything that is called ‘normal’ and ‘perfect’. Challenging the society’s perception of pleasantness, Graham argues in a harsh but humorous language that many things that are called ‘flaws’ by everyone are ‘normal’.


The ‘Gurls Talk’ page, founded by model Adwoa Aboah, is a platform where women can talk about anything without criticism. This platform, which talks about many issues from bodily drawbacks to seeing women as a sexual object, is for women who are tired of hearing how to behave.


Mik Zazon, who is in the middle of the “normalize normal bodies” movement, insists that what you see on social media is not real. Aiming to explain that your body can look different every day, Zazon states that at the same time, photo editing distorts the perception of the real body.


Cellulite, stretch marks, scars and much more… It’s all part of our journey in our body! Britney West wants to emphasize exactly this. Britney West, who shares with you to accept your body as you are, inspires her followers with her unfiltered and real posts.


Megan Jayne Crabbe, who defeated her efforts with an eating disorder and now aims to beautify those around her, criticizes the diet culture of the society. Arguing that women should feel appropriate in every situation, Crabbe questions different bets in each post and criticizes the role of women in the media. Crabbe, who advocates for real sharing, is in the middle of the names you need to follow.


Fitness writer and influencer Danae Mercer aims to boost women’s self-confidence. Sharing unedited and real photos from her life and workouts, Danae Mercer shares that despite her fit appearance, her body sometimes looks different. Showing that photos can look completely different from different angles and with different formulas, Mercer aims to increase real shares.


Iskra Lawrence, one of the most recognized ‘body-positive’ activists and influencers, has made it her mission to replace women in the media! Wanting to change her body perception and the perception of pleasantness in society, Lawrence shares not only the facts of women’s bodies but also her journey after becoming a mother with her followers.


Along with body image, ‘perfect’ skin appearance is one of today’s problems. Everyone we see on TV, in movies, and on Instagram has exceptional and flawless skin. How is it that many women around us struggle with skin complaints such as acne, scars and pores, while women look different in the world on our phone? The answer is very simple… Filters, photo editing programs and more filters. Addressing exactly this issue, Em Ford shares his acne problem openly and honestly.


Chessie King brings a fresh and fun perspective to our Instagram page. King, a health and fitness influencer, is ready to elevate your mood with his power and positive influence. King, who is not afraid to freely share his abdominal area, stretch marks, sagging skin and much more, wants you to embrace the energy and celebrate the amazing power of your body.


We are sure you know the comedian, writer and actress Celeste Barber! Celeste Barber, who started to humorously imitate the inaccessible posts of celebrities a few years ago, is now one of the indispensable names of Instagram. We are sure that you will laugh every time you see Celeste Barber, who humorously mocks the perception of pleasantness and the ‘perfect’ body shape! “Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram!” Barber, who criticizes his intentions in the funniest way, proves that what we see on social media is indeed impossible.


Jameela Jamil, who does not hesitate to talk honestly about her body image as well as her acting profession, is an inspiration to all of us. We can say that Jamil, who uses his number of followers and his platform to talk about valuable issues, sets an example for other celebrities. Based on her own experiences with body image, Jamil advocates for women to love themselves and speaks openly about women’s rights, feminism, eating disorders and ‘perfect’ niceness.


The ‘Recipes for Self Love’ Instagram account, which consists only of drawings, aims to start the day more positively or to raise your morale during the day. Celebrating diversity, difference and women, this account inspires women with its positive statements.


The perception of pleasantness in the society is an important issue and should be talked about in an important way… But sometimes it is necessary to have fun! Rianne Meijer, who looks in the mirror all day long and shares all the little problems and flaws you criticize on her Instagram account, does not hesitate to take offense. Meijer, who shares real and Instagram versions of multiple photos with his witty posts, is one of the most amazing influencers ever!


“Behind every perfect woman, there is a set of super ladies,” the Freeda account says, not just about body image, but also about gender, freedom, and women’s rights. Freeda, who does not hesitate to emphasize valuable issues, beautifies our Instagram page with both important and entertaining posts. Emphasizing that we should embrace our differences with our preferences and landscape, Freeda is a valuable resource for daily motivation. Freeda, who openly shares the unspoken issues and whispered women’s troubles, is in the middle of the accounts you need to follow.