Let’s say you have found the perfect wedding dress for your own wedding day or you have found the romantic dress you have in mind for the wedding you are invited to. What remains is a riddle: What hairstyle should you choose so that you can look great without your style being in the background?

Eye-catching and Easy-to-Apply Hairstyles

You have many different alternatives to answer this question. Collected, scattered, left open, or about half-assembled. But the main detail is to decide how it will look when choosing all these hairstyles.

Although straight combed hair always gives a more elegant look, it may remain too classic for your style. Therefore, they will be more compatible with dresses with straight lines. If you want to create a bohemian-chic shape, styling the hair by giving it a little volume and possibly making it look messy can make the shape more obvious. In order to emphasize your youthful form and not be surprised by the risk-free models, you can use blow-dryers in the style you want.

The most suitable hairstyle suggestions for wedding invitations are in the photogallery.

Wavy Blow Dry

We start with one of the most classic hairstyles for invitations. A wavy blow-dry will never take risks and will definitely look nice. Moreover, there is no doubt about how well it suits the asymmetrical parted hair as in the photo.


Half Collected Hair

Leaving the hair open as it is can cause the hair to fade and lose its cool appearance after a while. However, a half-tie is both a new trend and a guarantee that your hair will look good during the festivities.


Straight Combed Bun

If the wedding you are invited to is a little more classical, it would be beneficial for your hair to be that same. For example, like the flat combed bun, as in the photo on the side.


Knit Bun

To add a little bohemianism to your hairstyle, our offer is to turn to braids. One of the most ideal choices for boho inspired styles is this style of braids.


New Messy Bun

If it’s the hassle-free look you want, these stylish buns are for you! You can even make this kind of bun yourself by gently blow drying and fastening the electrified hair with a few barrettes.


Straight Ponytail

The elegance of plain, collected hair is an indisputable fact. By flattening, you can collect this model higher, which you can do yourself if you want in the house.


Wavy Ponytail

If you want your hair to be both stylish and active, add some movement to your hair that you have gathered as a ponytail. Volumizing shampoo, a little hairspray and the form you will give to the ends of the hair with a large hairbrush are enough for you to achieve this style.


Fishbone Knitting

If you say ‘not for me’ for conventional braids, you can try more detailed fishbone braids. Using them on half gathered hair is also a great idea for a more lively look.


Wavy Hair

Hair styled with large curlers is a style that suits everyone quickly. If you are confident that your hair will stay voluminous all night, you can leave your hair open. Or you can make it last longer by collecting half as in the photo on the side.


Movable-Flat Knob

Comb your hair straight, make a ponytail and then collect it. It is actually that easy to get the noble look in the photo on the side.


Spiral Knob

If you want this type of bun, it is useful to get help from professional hands, namely your hairdresser. The bun gathered by wrapping is the kind that will suit both classical and bohemian styles.


Rough Ponytail

If you don’t want a straight combed ponytail, you can choose this ponytail that looks like you’re having a ‘bad hair day’. For this model, which will be especially compatible with slip dresses, you need to distribute your hair a little, but collect it carefully.


Cool Collection

If you want to prepare for a wedding invitation based on the pronunciation of less is more, you can choose this type of hair. It is enough to fasten the hair, which has been left straight with the ends and which has been styled with a wavy blow-dry, with one-size-fits-all hairpins.


Rope Knob

This style bun, which looks both effortless and so attractive, will be harmonious regardless of the concept of the wedding you will go to. As in the Motamot photo, you can make the bun shiny with hair accessories.


Half Buckled Rope Braid

One of the most ideal models for open-air wedding invitations is this style of half gathered hair. You can use this type of hair, which is lively but so popular, with rope braids.


Classic Knitting

If you want to try new models without giving up the classicity of knitting, you can switch to this style of knitting. It is a fact that they suit bob cut hair even more.


Braid Crown

One of the hairstyles that cannot be decided whether it is love or hate is definitely these braided crowns. If you use it with real clothes, it will definitely suit your wedding night!