2018 trends in makeup tables

The make-up tables, which have taken a place in our memories as a nostalgic detail, quickly entered our lives as the new favorites of the period. Enza Home, which adds an innovative interpretation to the make-up tables, which attract attention as women’s private areas for personal care and preparation for the day, brings inspiring make-up table designs to the decoration lovers in the design and decoration guide Enza Home Book 2018.

Enza Home, which creates timeless places that also appeal to the human spirit with its contemporary designs, is bringing make-up tables back into our lives in 2018 with an original perspective and innovative approach. In Enza Home Book 2018, which is shared by Enza Home free of charge with decoration enthusiasts on digital platforms, make-up tables that will add elegance, functionality and style to bedrooms come to the fore this year.
A corner about yourself

Enza Home’s stylish make-up tables, which create an ideal corner for personal care and preparation for the fall, complete the bedrooms in an elegant form with their original designs, and make life easier with their mirror and storage parts. In the bedrooms, which are at the center of rest and renewal, the make-up tables that collect individual care items and accessories stand out as the most ideal option for those who want order in their bedrooms.

2018 trends in makeup tables

  • Contemporary designs that will create alternative storage areas in 2018 are at the forefront. The stylish storage parts, which are not even obvious as drawers when viewed from the outside, do not tire the eyes and add a simple elegance to the decoration.
  • In 2018, radical material alternatives from wood to marble are plentiful. With your choice of make-up table, it is possible to add a different atmosphere to the shape of your bedroom with a single cut.



  • Simple geometric designs offer both a retro and a contemporary design approach. Geometric parts and details also reduce the space occupied by the vanity in the room.
  • A period full of metal, especially golden sparkles awaits us. This detail is frequently used on the handles and feet in the contemporary designs of Enza Home.
  • The rising trend of the mirror era. Enza Home make-up tables not only bring a different movement to the bedrooms with their mirrors in different forms and styles, but also make the place look bigger, brighter and more spacious with small light plays.