2019 eyebrow trends from Özge Özel

Hande Yener, Ayse Tolgaand Ceyda Ates Özge Özel, make-up and eyebrow specialist of famous names, explained the 2019 eyebrow trends. Stating that the trend of naturalness in recent years will continue, Beauty Specialist Özge Özel said, “It is the most valuable element for me in my eyebrow designs and make-up works. Everything natural is pleasant… In 2019, naturalness is at the forefront.”
Eyebrow applications that have become fashionable in recent years


We apply razor eyebrow removal to the areas we want to strengthen, and thus we make our eyebrows thicker by at least two lines.

The biggest problem of our day is eyebrows that are offended by wrong purchases and deteriorated due to spills… First of all, the first thing we do in this style of eyebrows is to make the eyebrows thicker with vitamins. After nourishing the eyebrows with vitamins and making them thicker, we apply a partial filling process to the unfilled parts, if any, and fix the eyebrow shape. We do microblaiding for eyebrows that cannot grow with vitamins.

Microblading eyebrow application
Microblaiding is a process that we call 3D hair technique, with the aim of weighting the sparse eyebrows and preserving our naturalness principle without going too far beyond the person’s own hair color and existing eyebrow.
What should I pay attention to when shaping the eyebrows?
The most valuable to us are the wishes of our customers. First, they tell what they want, how they will be pleasant. Then the job falls to us. Our first process is to determine the beginning of the eye and the end of the eye. This plays a big role in determining our eyebrow shape that will suit our customers’ faces. Rather, the purpose of individuals with low eyebrow structure is to show the eyebrows more raised. We lower very raised curved eyebrows and make them natural.

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