2019 makeup trends and Christmas makeup suggestions from Özge Özel

The trend of returning to nature, which has been experienced in recent times, has been effective in many areas. The beauty trends of women also got their share from this transformation. While exaggerated make-ups were replaced by lighter tones suitable for the skin tone, eyebrows that looked natural, almost untouched, sat on the throne of thin or straight eyebrows. Signature of famous names on make-up and eyebrows Ozge Specialgave tips on the beauty trends of women in 2019 and how to make up on New Year’s Eve.

Saying, “It’s time to reflect our strength on our skin and clothes as we enter the new year,” said Hoşluk Coach Özge Özel, “The first thing we need to do is to get rid of the tired face expression. Have a deep cleaning with a care suitable for your skin and prepare yourself for the new year… And I recommend a natural make-up.” says.

Reflect your strength on your skin in the new year


Beautician Özge Özel

If we think you’re going to have fun until late, Permanent works should be preferred in New Year’s make-up . You can highlight your eyes with luminous eyeshadows and then apply plenty of mascara. Highlighter and your favorite Small touches to the eyebrows

Emphasizing that the eyebrows, which determine the word of the face, are also very important for make-up, Özel said, “If our eyebrows are not taken in accordance with our face and shaped correctly, it is not possible to get good efficiency from that make-up, even if it is the most beautiful make-up in the world. Therefore, it is not possible to fix the eyebrows with a mascara brush. “It is necessary to comb through the top without errors. If your eyebrows are low or messy, you definitely need to go to a specialist.” said.


Actors Ceyda Ateş and Özge Özel

What should I pay attention to when shaping eyebrows?

The first process should be to determine the beginning of the eye and the end of the eye. Rather, the aim is to show the eyebrows more raised in individuals with low eyebrow structure. Very upturned curved eyebrows should be lowered and made natural.

What to do with shed and offended eyebrows?

The biggest problem of today is eyebrows that are embittered by wrong purchases and deteriorated due to spills. After nourishing the eyebrows with vitamins and making them thicker, they apply a partial filling process to the unfilled parts, if any, and fix the eyebrow shape. Microblaiding is applied to eyebrows that cannot be thickened with vitamins.