2020 Winter Eyebrow Contour Trends

Natural, full, textured and heavy styles make their mark on the eyebrows, and elegant touches dominate the eyebrow fashion in 2020. Although social media eyebrows are popular for those who like argumentative eyebrow contour designs, it is possible to say that 2020 will be the year of eyebrows that have preserved their naturalness. Conture Make up Studio’s Founder, Contour Makeup Trainer Ergül Keskin talked about the 2020 eyebrow contour trends for Pudra.com.

Trends are changing in eyebrows

Eyebrows that are sparse, spilled, and offended due to incorrect applications lose their fullness and texture, creating a lifeless appearance. This situation affects both the person’s pleasantness, their gaze and their expression negatively. Because the eyebrows are located in the center of the face and play a valuable role in characterizing the gaze. Since the eyes are framing, the gaining meaning of the gaze depends on the truth positioned eyebrows. However, many people’s eyebrows may be sparse from birth and may not be suitable for the face. Moreover, eyebrows, which constitute the most precious pillar of contour make-up fashion, have a unique fashion sense. Especially recently, the trends in eyebrows have been changing and play a decisive role in the sense of pleasantness.

Natural looking eyebrows top the list

The natural eyebrow look, which has left its mark in recent years, is at the top of the list of eyebrow trends this year. The importance of natural eyebrows is gradually increasing, as they create a strong and effective word and offer an elegant look unlike the artificial appearance of previous years. The ever-increasing storm of naturalness also affects the eyebrows. With the trend of heavier and thicker eyebrows, eyebrow contouring is becoming increasingly common among both men and women. In the coming year, it will be possible to see the natural and thickened eyebrows frequently.

Intense eyebrows are also indispensable in 2020

In this trend, where the most precious star on your face is the eyebrows, it is seen that the eyebrows with increased intensity are at the forefront. The most valuable criterion is the absence of a random gap in the middle of the eyebrows. Keeping the eyebrows heavy in this way creates a symmetrical illusion by making the eyes look larger. Although more than one woman tries to achieve this image with eyebrow filling works, they do not want to waste time with eyebrow filling that takes minutes, and they also know the difficulty of filling both eyebrows equally. At this point, the eyebrow contour application, which comes to the aid of women, provides the desired density with natural pigments.

With the eyebrow contour application, which offers long-term permanence, a valuable application of the make-up routine is practically eliminated, and the problem of equalization ends.

Social media eyebrows are getting more and more popular

Social media dominates many issues from fashion to makeup. Social media eyebrows, which can be done by those who prefer a more perfect appearance, are mostly in the following form; perfect eyebrows that come in a lighter form at the beginning of the eyebrows and more obviously than the outer parts. Since it is not possible to achieve this look with cosmetic works and to achieve the same perfection every time, eyebrow contour provides a great advantage. Perfect eyebrows, positioned according to the person’s eye and face, always make you look well-groomed, pleasant and trendy.