2020 Winter Makeup Trends Fashion

Multiple makeup trends We are in the year 2020. 2020 winter make-up trends Quickly, there are make-up types in every style, extravagant colors, soft touches and accessory-reinforced make-up effects. The make-up fashion, which is revived with peach and earth colors for autumn, is refreshed with more vivid colors for the winter months.

2020 Winter Makeup Trends

2020 Winter Makeup Fashion

Moist Tones in Eyeshadows

Wet headlights are very fashionable again this period. Moist eye shadows, which make the face more vivid and make the skin more radiant, are in fashion trends with warm-toned colors. Thick pencils are once again in the middle of styles in eye make-ups that are not exaggerated and provide a strong look.

Brown and black mascaras are bringing false eyelashes out of fashion. 2020 makeup trends Knitted eyebrows are located in the middle. Stone-detailed, braided and tiny flower-patterned eyebrow models are frequently used with patterns that add innovation to tattoo eyebrow applications.

Winter Makeup Trend

Unisex Makeup Fashion

In recent years, men have started to wear make-up, unisex makeup started the trends. Especially the exaggerated red-copper-toned lipsticks that Korean men wear by overflowing to the edges of their lips are an inspiration for women’s make-up fashion.

Transparent eyeshadows in light brown tones with obviously applied mascara Boy Beat make-up style takes place in autumn-winter make-up fashion. In this make-up style, skin make-up works such as foundation, powder, concealer and illuminator are not used. The make-up is completed with a more masculine look by partially applying blush or bronzer on the nose surface.