2023 trends in lip filling

In recent years, beautification with non-surgical processes has been quite popular. According to a study conducted by the Ipsos research company, the cosmetics sector is growing by 10% every year in the world and this rate is even higher in Turkey. Turkey, along with Brazil and Australia, is one of the three countries most prone to plastic surgery…

Every year, the age to have a non-surgical procedure is decreasing. Currently, the average age of having the first procedure is 34 and this is expected to decrease further in the coming years. This shows that the Z generation is more interested in aesthetics than previous generations.

According to research “How should the ideal lips be for women?”to the question “56% “The upper and lower lips should be exactly in proportion and full” the answer is given. While the new generation obviously wants more, the old generation “Oh, not too sure” says. 80% of patients who have fillers are satisfied with the result. 96% want to repeat the application in the future. The patients have a very high awareness of fillers, they want to know the brand and the duration of its permanence.

In this direction, by the way, let’s talk about what you should know before getting lip augmentation. Medical Esthetician Dr. Şafak Göktaş answered our questions about lip augmentation, one of the most preferred applications of this field in non-surgical aesthetic processes, and gave the 2023 lip augmentation trends.

What kind of elements are used in lip augmentation?

Dr. Dawn Goktas: Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used to plump the lip. These are precedents for injectable gel. These elements cost water up to 1000 times their load. Therefore, it increases hydration, ie water retention, on the lips. This results in a smoother, less cracked, fuller lip appearance. Lip fillers can be used to add volume to the lips, correct asymmetries and create the desired fullness. However, it should not be forgotten that; Not all lips and fillers are alike.

How is the size determined when lip augmentation is performed?

Dr. Dawn Goktas: First of all, it is necessary to determine the patient’s desire. If too much is injected, the effect of the filler may take a little longer, but very swollen and large lips may occur. If the goal is to achieve a natural-looking but still fuller lip, then it is healthier to apply less, and regular injections will cause this appearance to be achieved. In general, the average duration of lip augmentation varies in the middle of 6 to 12 months. Results vary depending on the type of filler used, how much is injected, and the individual metabolism of the patient.

What are the lip filling trends that will mark 2023?

Dr. Dawn Goktas: Most of us have strayed away from too bloated and big duck lips. Natural, soft and youthful looking lips will continue to exist in 2023. Natural pleasantness will continue to be the primary goal in aesthetic processes in general. There are a few tricks that doctors can apply to achieve this natural look.

Which techniques are used for natural lip augmentation?

Dr. Dawn Goktas: One of them is the lip tent technique and is a way to plump thin lips. The aim here is to volumize the lip in a more natural way instead of making it too puffy. While more than one standard lip filler injection is injected on the horizontal side, in the lip tent technique, the filler is injected vertically into the outer lines of the lips. This technique gives the physician greater control over the resulting form. Lip borders are determined and a more natural-looking, fuller lip is created. This system is obviously ideal for people who love the part called “the letter M, seagull wing or eros bow” in the middle of the upper lip.

Is there a way to plump the lips without fillers?

Dr. Dawn Goktas: Another lip example, which will continue in 2023, does not require any filling. A very small amount of botox can be applied on the lips, especially for those who want to change the lip shape a little more than the lip volume. This provides the upper true curl of the upper lip. With botox applied on the lip, it is aimed to pull the upper real and the lip is slowly turned to the upper real. Some patients prefer botox on the lip, as it is an easier and painless process than filler injections.

What should be considered when getting lip augmentation?

Dr. Dawn Goktas: There are some points that should not be forgotten while having lip augmentation. It is valuable that the newly made lips harmonize with another part of the face. For example, just plumping the lips without eliminating the loss of volume on the face can create a strange appearance. But what is more valuable than that is that the person who will do lip augmentation is a doctor. Since the processes that are not applied by the physician are performed without knowledge of anatomy, the probability of complications is high. It can take quite a bit of thought to sort out those complications afterward.