One of the haircut styles, the forelock is the state given to the hair in the front of the face. The forelock, which covers the forehead, changes the expression of the face and adds a more lively atmosphere, is mostly preferred by users who cannot afford to cut their hair.

There are more than one model according to the cut style of the forelock. Let’s examine the forelock models in general.

✤ My Long Forelock
It often ends at the eyebrow level, and the eyebrows are not usually visible in this cut. This model, which is especially preferred by oval-faced users, allows users to draw attention to their cheekbones. In addition, it is the forelock model that best suits the curly hair type.

✤ My Short Forelock
In the short forelock model, which makes thin hair look cooler, the length of the hair is 1 cm above the eyebrow. This model, which suits users with a round face type, is generally applied to short hair. The faces of users with short foreheads and faces appear longer in the short forelock model.

✤ my side bangs
The side bangs, which is one of the trendy bang models of recent years, quickly adapts to almost every face type. This makes the side bang model highly preferred. In addition, since the side bang model is used by tilting both to the right and left, it is also convenient for users when trying different hairstyles.

✤ My Curtain Forelock
The most used forelock model is the curtain forelock. The curtain forelock is a part that falls diagonally to the face and is made by separating the long bangs from the middle and extending them on the sides. It resembles a curtain in appearance and can be used comfortably on every face type.

✤ My Double Forelock
The double forelock model is very similar to the curtain and the forelock is separated from the middle of the forehead. Also, the cut that is short at the point of separation is actually longer to the cheekbones. This cut style, which is especially preferred by users with round faces, helps to have a long face appearance.

✤ My Layered Forelock
The layered bangs model is mostly preferred by users with wavy hair, and in this style, the bangs are wavy. This adds a cool atmosphere to the users.

✤ Flat folded Forelock
The flat-folded fringe cut model is mostly preferred by users who use their hair straight, and it is possible to gain a stylish look with this model.

✤ My Moving Forelock

The moving forelock model is very compatible with the layered hair section.

What Should Be Considered While Cutting My Forehead?

The forelock style is the choice of users who want to animate their hair and add excitement to their appearance. If the forelock is not cut in the actual model, it will cause an unpleasant image. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on some details while cutting the forelock.

Considering the forehead size, the forelock model should be decided.

It is valuable to research the forelock models that best suit the face type and to decide on the forelock model accordingly.

The most suitable model for users with curly hair is the long forelock model. This cut style can be seen as the most suitable model for curly hair, regardless of the hair length of the users.

Users who want to use their bangs voluminous, choosing a slightly longer bang style will cause them to have voluminous hair.

Long-haired users, who are in a dilemma about getting a forelock cut, can try which fringe model will suit them better with the hair at the end of the bun by making a bun.

The bang is a cut style that is confused with the bangs, but there are obvious differences between the bangs and the bangs. First of all, the bangs cover the entire forehead and usually have a blunt form. The forelock, on the other hand, offers an asymmetrical appearance. Layered forelock models have an advantageous use compared to bangs and hair with curls looks more natural. The forelock, which has a different model for each face type, has a very different cut style compared to the bangs. Forelock is a more expensive choice, and hair models with bangs attract more attention.

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