Be careful before buying makeup!

We would be telling the truth if we say that make-up materials are women’s favorite and even indispensable. Even with a few easy make-up materials, very different looks can be achieved. However, the wrong make-up tools cause a bad look instead of a nice look. It is valuable to know your skin when choosing make-up materials. The content of make-up material is also valuable for your health. Here are the things to consider when buying make-up materials.

Pay attention to your skin undertone when choosing foundation

Foundation, which is among the most precious elements of face make-up, is considered a valuable part of the daily care routine. The aim of the foundation is to cover the skin imperfections in a professional way. Among the skin defects, the most prominent ones are usually acne, blackheads and blemishes. In addition to skin problems, there is also the elimination of color inequality in the middle of foundation usage goals. Foundations stand out with options suitable for every skin type. When choosing the color of the foundation, it should be checked on the inside of the wrist or elbow. While in the past we encountered a narrower palette, today there is a wide variety of foundation colors with medium tones. In order to get the most experience in make-up, it is necessary to pay attention to these color tones. You can choose the care product in the most compatible form with your skin color, the lipstick you prefer and other make-up works.


It is produced according to many skin types of make-up materials. This should be taken into account, especially when choosing a foundation. Oil-based products should be used for dry skin, and water-based products should be used for oily skin. The color of the foundation should be checked on the inside of the wrist or elbow.

If you have oily skin, you should stay away from pink blushes.

Those with oily skin should stay away from blush colors that go to pink and orange. The oil on the skin makes these artifacts appear more colorful than they are. Because of this, milky coffee or peach tones should be preferred, which will make the skin look matte. People with dry skin can achieve a fresher look with pinkish cream blushes.

Pay attention to the type of eyeliner you will use.

The eyes are the most valuable part of the face, and when applying make-up, special attention is often paid to the eye area. One of the neatest things that can be done to increase the focus on the eyes is to draw lines on the corners of the eyes with eyeliner. However, although it is not an easy process to draw lines on the eyes with eyeliner, one of the most valuable modules of quality and effective make-up is eyeliner. For this reason, eyeliner applications, which can sometimes highlight nostalgic and sometimes different concepts, can create highly argumentative makeup concepts. Options such as liquid eyeliner, pencil, gel and cream eyeliner are a matter of speech. Everyone can choose the most suitable eyeliner model according to their own make-up style.

Highlighter selection

One of the precious parts of an effective make-up is highlighter. Highlighter models, which can also be called illuminators, are an application that brings the eyes to the fore. Highlighter is a process that is mostly applied under the eyes, under the eyebrows and on the cheekbones. However, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a highlighter is to create a make-up concept that is compatible with the skin tone. Preferred foundation and other make-up applications should be compatible with the highlighter. The choice of highlighter work may also vary depending on the environment you will be in and the clothing concept you will prefer. However, since the eyes, which are one of the most prominent areas on our face, are the subject of words, the choice of highlighter should be done correctly.