best curling irons

If you are in a busy rush, if you don’t even have time to go to the hairdresser, here are the curling irons that will save you from this trouble. Of course, it is one of the most precious details that it does not damage your hair while it is being done. If you do not make the wrong choice, your hair may break and wear out over time. If your hair is fine, it should not exceed 16 degrees. If you have thick hair, you can style your hair at 200 degrees. In another valuable matter, don’t curl wet hair. Now let’s move on to the tongs that we can recommend to you.

Remington curl & straight confidence

Offering more practicality and convenience, Remington spade has the world’s first curved plates. In terms of image, it has a different shape compared to other tongs. Just as there is a curved plate at the same time, you can do it straight if you want.

Remington Proluxe 32mm curling iron

It is very easy to get long-lasting hair with this tong. The tongs can reach a temperature of 120 to 210 degrees, and since it has optiheat technology, it spreads the heat evenly to the entire fork.

Babyliss W2447E deep waver water wave curling iron

With its ceramic structure, it allows you to use your hair for a long time by giving natural waves. With its wide body, you can make the water wave very quickly. Definitely give it a try if you want to ensure great performance. Thin and thick hair can be used with peace of mind.

Trina professional curling iron 25 mm

If you want to make subtle and professional waves, this tong is for you. With a light use of 25 mm thickness, you can make wonderful curls on your hair.

Dyson airwrap

One of the most valuable points is that it shapes the hair not with heat but with air. It uses a phenomenon of aerodynamics called the Coanda effect. Having multiple heads makes it easy to curl and wave. It pulls the hair strands onto the brush by blowing air and creates permanent curls.

Babyliss Pro 180 curling iron

There are 10 heat options available depending on your hair type. The silicone tip on the tip of the tongs is designed to prevent your hand from getting burned and to use it comfortably.

Rowenta fashion stylist 3 in 1 multistyler hair styler

The device, which offers wide waves or effective straightening options, provides a silky appearance to your hair thanks to its ceramic coating. It has a 360° swivel cord for more comfortable use.