Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter is already on the Billboard charts and an 8-year-old BET Award winner! However, it seems that Blue Ivy’s abilities exceed music. Just as talented in costume makeup, Blue Ivy gave her grandmother Tina Lawson the perfect Halloween makeup. Sharing his grandson’s talent on his Instagram account, Lawson said, “Blue is an excellent makeup artist. He made me a grandmother skeleton!” she said.

Putting a skeleton make-up on her grandmother shortly before Halloween, Blue Ivy highlights her costume make-up skills. Many of us try different makeup for Halloween, but let’s admit that Blue Ivy’s makeup is much more successful than most of our attempts.

Talking about her granddaughter Blue Ivy’s make-up abilities before, Tina Lawson stated that Blue had ‘perfect cat eye make-up’ at the age of 7 in August 2019. Again, an 8-year-old girl does something that most of us struggle with, much more convenient. Indeed, Gen Z is coming like a beast! “I bought so many makeup kits for Blue that many of them were pissed off by her father! But that’s just for playtime. We have so much fun doing makeup. “Blue is a complete make-up artist,” Lawson told Entertainment Tonight, “Blue is especially apt for eye make-up. She adds stones and adds all that splendor, she. She puts on a flawless cat eye make-up, she. He’s a little artist,” she added.