Braun Silk-epil 9 for smooth skin in winter

With its advanced technology and unique designs, Braun continues to make women’s lives easier. Braun Silk épil 9, which enables every woman who is in daily hustle and bustle to achieve long-term roughness in a short time, is Buse Terim’s indispensable this winter.

Buse Terim, who prefers works that offer practical, useful and effective results in personal care due to her daily slow pace, states that Braun Silk épil 9 is one of her biggest assistants. Especially with the arrival of the winter months, the first step of caring for dry skin is to have a smooth skin.

Braun Silk épil 9, with its wide head, provides more hair removal in one go and provides up to 4 weeks of smoothness, providing a unique smoothness experience for the whole body from head to toe throughout the winter.

Thanks to the sensitive tweezers of the device, it minimizes the feeling of pain by having the least effect on the skin while removing hair. Buse Terim states that, in addition to these features, Braun Silk épil 9 minimizes the formation of ingrown skin with real application and meets all kinds of needs for a smooth skin.

Participating as a speaker at Braun’s digital event moderated by Hasret Güsar, Buse Terim talked about her Braun Silk épil 9 experience as follows.

“As a woman trying to reach many places during the day, I once again understood the importance of choosing works that save me time. Due to the period we are in this winter, we spend a lot of time in the house and try to handle more than one task at the same time. I spend time with my children in this process, I try not to neglect my sport, I deal with my home and I have an active job to follow, so I prefer to use works that I can adapt to this slow tempo in my personal care.

Braun Silk épil 9 helps me a lot in this bet, it allows me to achieve long-lasting results in a short time. This work, which both saves me time and helps me achieve smooth skin, is also very powerful. As you know, laser epilation does not completely finish the hairs, hormonal changes that occur after birth can negatively affect the results of laser epilation. That’s why I recommend every woman to have Silk épil 9 for her permanent hair and to have this experience as well as laser epilation”