Colorful makeup trend with warming weather

yin yang headlights

In the Spring-Summer 2022 period, eye shadows take on a puzzle look and add a marginal atmosphere. While transforming your eyelids into a canvas, feel free to apply summery tones to your color palette. The world of contrasts with white in black, yellow in red, and orange in green, your eye make-up trend looks fast and stylish as well.

allegory of spring

Eye make-ups dominated by flowers, sun and green plants that symbolize spring lead the combinations that complete the spring.

Let the fruits please the eye!

Instead of thinking about seasonal fruits only in your stomach, don’t be afraid to make designs suitable for your eyes by giving them abstract meanings. Designing oval fruits such as watermelon, kiwi, lemon, cherry and strawberry in accordance with the shape of the eyes will make you look very different.

The secret of attractive looks, sharp eyeliner

If you have droopy eyelids, tiredness and dullness in your eyes, it is very easy to get rid of them. Have you ever thought that the color black, which is the sum of all colors, will be a riot of colors on its own? With a black eyeliner consisting of zigzag, blunt, oval-shaped lines, it will be more colorful than you ever expected.

magnificence of red

Red is empowering, arousing feelings and motivating us to take action. The reflection of all these affirmations on your eyes as make-up will put you at the forefront in every sense. Representing a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities is one of the greatest features of the color red. The new generation make-up designers prefer the opposite of the usual and prefer to carry the red color beyond the lips to the eyes.