Do not lose your health for the sake of beauty! Here are the things to consider when buying high heels

Foot health is often neglected for a pleasant appearance, but it should not be forgotten that although high heels hurt our feet, unfortunately, the only damage is not the feet. Anatomically, it does a lot of damage to all the systems that enable us to walk.

Pay attention to heel height!

As the height of the high-heeled shoes increases, deformations occur in the systems that allow us to adapt to movement. Experts recommend that the heel size should not exceed 4.5 cm. So what happens when it exceeds 4.5 cm?

  • Even if there is little walking, wear on the legs and feet occurs.
  • The pressure applied to the legs increases.
  • The load on the feet increases.

Avoid these models

The shoes whose models are pleasing to your eyes in the shop windows may not be very pleasant for your health. There are issues that you should be careful while buying shoes. You should stay away from pointy, flat-soled and narrow-toed shoes. These model shoes compress your feet and disrupt their structure. So what can you choose instead of these models? If you want to wear high-heeled shoes, you can choose 2,5-4.5 cm mid-heel shoes, which are called light heels.

Pay attention to the sole structure of the shoes

The sole structure of the shoe you prefer should be load-absorbing. Otherwise, the pressure in your legs will increase and you will put an extra load on your feet.