“Don’t get skin cancer when you want to get permanent make-up”

You need to be careful about permanent make-up, which is a trendy beauty application of recent times. It is extremely valuable to pay attention to the paints and needles used in beauty centers for make-up, which can cause important problems if the necessary health criteria are not met.

Permanent make-up is in the middle of the first choice of women who want their make-up to always look fresh and cannot find time to do make-up in a heavy workload. For this reason, it is extremely valuable for women who have permanent make-up, eyebrow, lip and eyeliner processes to be careful about the paint and needles used in beauty centers.

Skin expert Ahmet Akın warned about permanent make-up. Informing him about make-up, which can cause serious health problems if the necessary criteria are not met, Akın touched upon the issues to be considered in the paints and needles used in the centers.

In this context, skin specialist Akın warned individuals who will have permanent make-up on two issues:

1) Synthetic permanent makeup skincan cause cancer

Due to the low permanence of synthetic permanent make-up dyes and the dangerous aspects it contains. skincan cause cancer.

It is very valuable that the selected make-up paints are specially designed for the face area. In particular, it should not contain odor, additives and heavy metals. This type of synthetic permanent make-up paints is not only durable but also wears off over time due to the dangerous elements it contains. skincan also cause cancer.

When choosing permanent make-up paints, it is absolutely necessary to use pure, organic and water-based permanent make-up paints. In your pigment selection, you should choose brands with ingredients and documents approved by international dermatology laboratories. Care should be taken not to use any needles other than personal disposable sterile needles in these processes with micro pigmentation application.

2) It is very important that the service you receive is received from a quality center.

In permanent make-up, attention should be paid to heavy metal-containing paints and the materials used may cause allergic reactions. Receiving this service from a quality center is very valuable. It is possible for allergic reactions to occur in places where heavy metal-containing paints are used.

In addition, the color of these dyes changes over time. Although permanent make-up is an ideal choice for those who want their make-up to be fresh at all times, it is necessary to pay special attention to the materials used. At this point, it is a rule that the works preferred in permanent make-up application should also be of high quality.

It is of great importance that the permanent make-up pigments to be applied are internationally approved and of high quality. Practitioners should avoid paints that are cheap and do not have sufficient dermatological documentation. In addition, in these processes, dye is injected under the tissue through a sterile needle. For this reason, everything has to be hygienic. Otherwise, it is possible to experience various health problems.