In the past, we heard the news of new beauty brands from celebrities every few months, now we learn about the news of a new star entering the world of cosmetics almost every day. Today it’s Ellen DeGeneres’ turn. Announcing her new skin care brand called ‘Kind Science’ on ‘The Ellen Show’ on October 5, Ellen DeGeneres stated that her works do not recognize the end of age and defy aging stereotypes. At the same time, his brand is “kind to animals, kind to skin, kind to the earth and kind to your wallet.” DeGeneres added that he has been working on his brand for the last three years.

DeGeneres, which now offers the first collection of the ‘Kind Science’ brand, has released seven different works. Offering a total of seven products as cleanser, exfoliant, serum, moisturizing cream, eye cream, neck care product and care oil, DeGeneres underlined that the ingredients of all products are kind to the skin. In addition to the cleanser produced with kakadu plum, chamomile and Boswellia serrata, the exfoliant is produced with a fruit acid mixture, volcanic sand and bamboo silk. While the firming serum of the ‘Kind Science’ brand is composed of plant extracts, it was stated that the retinol of the works increases the production of collagen with natural ingredients without the risk of irritation on the skin.

DeGeneres, who rejected all the rumors and apologized simultaneously after the thesis that there was mobbing in her program, announced that she had ended the 19-semester ‘The Ellen Show’ program last May and stated that this year was the final period. DeGeneres, who dedicates herself to new projects as her program is nearing the end, seems to be about to make herself present in the pleasant sector in the coming years.

Explaining the inspiration for his brand in a press release, DeGeneres said, “The concept of Kind Science came about because I struggled for years to find skin care products that wouldn’t irritate my increasingly sensitive skin. I tried just about everything there was and finally decided to create my own collection without sacrificing the most precious things to me: self, animals and the planet. Kind Science is not about preventing aging because getting old is a good thing; It shows that you have lived a lot, learned a lot and I hope you laughed a lot. I want to keep laughing with fewer laugh lines and wrinkles.” she said.

DeGeneres, who co-founded the Victoria Jackson Cosmetics brand and worked in the beauty department for over 40 years to create her brand, developed the Kind Science brand together with experts. “After knowing Ellen for years, I was thrilled to partner with her in the creation of Kind Science and to bring my over 40 years of experience and expertise in pleasantness to this brand,” said Jackson. I’m incredibly proud of this skincare line we’ve created with all the amazing textures and performance-focused formulas that deliver real results while being skinny.” she added.