Eyebrow loss is the most important reason for stress!

For women, eyebrows have a very valuable place. Some people complain about having bushy eyebrows, while others complain about having thin eyebrows. Eyebrows add meaning to the face, so it is important for individuals to be healthy. Those who have bushy eyebrows or those with sparse eyebrows from birth also have less eyebrows day by day. Did you know that one of the most valuable factors of this is the tension that triggers many health problems? Well, does tension shed eyebrows? All the curious about the bet, Dermatology Specialist Dr. We learned from Cet Nejat Ertek.

Wrong eyebrow removal makes eyebrows fall out

Experts say that the most common loss of eyebrows is the loss of eyebrows due to the wrong removal of eyebrows. This situation is also called frown in public.

Most common in women

This problem is unfortunately more common in women. There are many reasons for eyebrow loss. These can be caused by tension, skin diseases affecting hair follicles, side effects of certain medications, hormone imbalances and hypothyroid disease.

Eyebrow rubbing causes spills

Sometimes eyebrows can fall out due to tension. Traumas made as a result of rubbing the eyebrows always cause eyebrow loss.