Various deformations may occur in the genital area of ​​women due to aging, genetic predisposition, choosing underwear made from the wrong material, unconscious use of cosmetic products, the effect of epilation methods, and strong or multiple births in the past. The vaginal canal can expand, called the perineum; Skin folds or deep suture marks may occur in the region of the vagina entrance and the middle of the rectum, deformities may occur in the inner and outer lips, and color changes may occur in the outer lips. All these issues can cause functional problems as well as aesthetic concerns.

For example, women who have vaginal enlargement problems may experience anorgasmia during sexual intercourse, while deformations that may occur in the inner and outer lips may cause pain during sexual intercourse. Just like the fact that the clitoris, which has a valuable role in women’s sexual pleasure due to the limit density it contains in the form, is larger than the ideal, can also be effective in reducing the self-confidence of women. Therefore, it is not considered a faultless approach that genital aesthetic applications are carried out only for cosmetic purposes; Deformations in the inner or outer genital area can also bring about functional problems.

Genital Aesthetic Surgeries Can Be Performed Combined

In line with the needs and expectations of the people, genital aesthetic operations can be planned in combination. In this sense, “vaginoplasty” in which the vaginal canal is tightened, “labiaplasty” in which the inner and outer lips are restructured, “perineoplasty” in which the deformations in the perineum are removed, and “cliteroplasty”, also known as clitoris reduction, can be performed with a single planning. The fact that the operations are suitable to be combined due to their nature allows the deformations that occur in the genital areas of women, which cause aesthetic and functional fears, to be corrected in one go.

A Great Increase in Self-Confidence After Genital Aesthetics

Problems in the genital area can cause couples to be dissatisfied during sexual intercourse, women to experience irritation after daily activities, an increase in the risk of vaginal infection, a deterioration in body image, and a restriction in the choice of clothing at the same time. With the increase in awareness about aesthetic and functional requirements, many women today resort to genital aesthetic applications. Afterwards, while there is a noticeable increase in self-confidence, there is a positive change in the sexual lives of women.

Genital Aesthetic Operations Should Be Planned Individually

As with all aesthetic operations, genital plastic surgeries need to be planned individually. In this sense, the contact between the patient and the doctor is quite valuable. The problems experienced by the patients, whether anorgasmia is the subject of speech, deformations in the genital area of ​​the patient and the problems caused by these deformations should be evaluated. In some patients, desired results can be achieved with a single operation, while in others, several operations may be required simultaneously. Planning is also a critical process in terms of technique selection. Of course, at this point, it is useful to evaluate the factors such as whether women should consider having children or not. With truth planning and real patient selection, satisfaction with the results obtained from genital aesthetics can be maximized.