Ginger miracle for 4-season skin detox

The most remarkable healing source of this period in the treatment of skin blemishes and skin detox applications with its carbon peeling formula is ginger and medical aesthetic applications. Medical Esthetician Dr. Pelin Taskiranwe talked to.

For ginger, Dr. Pelin Taşkıran makes a cosmic medicine recipe that also supports the immunity of your skin. Ginger extract, which has a purifying feature that reduces the bacterial and viral load accumulated on the skin thanks to its antiseptic feature, preserves the normal flora of the skin and helps to purify the toxins of microorganisms that impair the health of the skin. Ginger, which cleans the skin from dead skin and renews the skin, also accelerates the beautification of acne and wounds. Because of this and many other benefits, zenfecil is in the middle of indispensable works for skin detox for 4 seasons.

Effectively preventing skin discoloration due to acne and acne scars; For applications with ginger and ginger extract, which has a full purifying and conditioning feature on damaged skin with impaired oil stability, large pores and clogged pores, Medical Aesthetics Doctor Dr. We talked to Pelin Taşkıran. Pelin, what are the benefits of ginger in terms of skin health?

Dr. Pelin Taskiran: It inhibits “Propionibacterium acnes” that causes acne on the skin, and lipogenesis (multiple synthesis in fat cells) in sebocytes, which causes the formation of excessive oiliness, blackheads and oil buttons on the skin. Colloquially speaking, ginger helps smooth out skin discoloration due to active acne and acne scars; It has a full purifying and conditioning feature for damaged skin with unstable oil, large pores and clogged skin.

Black ginger (kaempferia Parviflora), thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, shows two basic mechanisms that cause aging; It has the feature of suppressing “inflammaging” and “oxidation”, therefore it is also called “universal medicine”. What causes aging due to inflammation?

Dr. Pelin Taskiran: In addition to extrinsic (external) factors such as ultraviolet damage, chemical irritants and cosmetics that trigger aging due to inflammation, internal factors such as physical tension, drug use, bad nutrition, hormonal imbalances also play a role. Aging causes skin tone inequalities and blemishes, laxity and sagging in the skin due to loss of tone and elasticity, and fine and deep lines.

In addition, oxidative stress damage caused by free radicals causes aging at the mitochondrial (energy producing structure) level of the cell. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties, ginger fights against free radicals that cause damage at the cellular level, and revitalizes the skin’s power metabolism. Ginger, which increases cell metabolism and strengthens it against environmental external factors, has now taken its place in the content of chemical peels and injections that we apply to the skin. So, what kind of medical aesthetic applications do you use ginger?

Dr. Pelin Taskiran:What we define as a 4-season skin detox V Carbon Systemis one of our most heavily used methods of ginger.

V Carbon System is a 2-stage modular system that provides the opportunity to apply medium and deep chemical peeling depending on the needs of the skin.

In addition to black ginger and licorice root, the cinema layer applied in the first stage; It contains active carbon with cleansing and detoxifying properties, with active delicate acids in the treatment of stains such as ferulic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid and glucolic acid, which are natural peeling agents with manageable activity, regeneration and lightening properties.

applied in the second stage V carbon sprayWhile regulating the treatment depth of the cinema layer applied in the first stage, it also opens fine lines and provides an instant lifting effect on the skin tissue thanks to the micronized peptides with botox effect and hydrolyzed collagen in its content.

The Italian V carbon system can be used alone or in combination with Q switched laser technologies as an active solution for skin quality enhancement and regeneration.
The most valuable advantage of this treatment, which is applied in a short time of 15-20 minutes without preventing the person from working and social life, is that there are no long smoothing processes and no skin peeling, as in old generation chemical peels or laser applications.

Thanks to the soothing (anti-inflammatory) properties of ginger and licorice root after this purifying, skin-enhancing chemical application, other injection treatments and aesthetic applications can be performed quickly afterwards. It will be sufficient for individuals to use a moisturizing cream with SPF protection and protection from UV damage after the application. So what are mezokokteyl injections?
Dr. Pelin Taskiran: Fighting against the causes and effects of skin aging; It is possible to restore the healthy glow of the skin and to remove the damage that has occurred over the years thanks to the antioxidant effect mesococtail injections that revitalize, restructure, tighten and lift the skin.
Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ginger extract (gingerol) and spirulina (algae), hyaluronic acid that increases the moisture holding capacity of the skin, DMAE that tightens the skin and has the ability to reduce age-related skin spots, polynucleotides that provide regeneration at the cellular level and increase collagen production, protein building block polypeptides. We apply clinical treatments based on renewing the damaged skin and improving skin quality by injecting powerful mesosolutions into the middle dermis layer of the skin with the help of fine-tipped needles, triggering the skin’s own repair processes.
In this way, it can heal aging-related damage such as photo-chronic aging, oxidative stress damage, loss of skin tone and elasticity due to menopause, neck and décolleté wrinkles. In addition to these, we can achieve effective results in the treatment of acne and related inflammation.
By applying Ginger Design Italian mesotherapy cocktails, which solves problems such as fine wrinkles and sagging skin, containing hyaluronic acid, ginger and antioxidants that increase the moisture retention capacity of the skin, we can restore the damaged and dull skin that has lost its tone to its healthy glow with small touches by applying several sessions in 4 seasons and 15-day periods. .