Gray hair: Avoid these 3 hair care mistakes!

Myth #1: You don’t take care of your gray hair

Gray or white hair is naturally finer and drier than blond or brunette hair. Because as you age, your scalp produces less sebum, so your hair can look brittle and dull more quickly. Therefore, you need to wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and proper rinsing, otherwise there is a risk of breaking the hair ends. You should also apply a nourishing hair mask or heavy conditioning once a week.

Myth #2: You don’t use silver shampoo

Does your gray look pretty dull or use a yellow tint instead of glowing nicely and coolly? do you have A silver shampoo can help. It contains blue or silver components that neutralize the yellow tone and help create a cool gray. Important: Use silver shampoo only every few hair washes, as the proportions it contains can give your hair a purple color.

Tip: In this middle, blondes with a yellow tint can also use silver shampoo systematically.

Error 3 : Not protecting your gray hair from the sun

Do you know? Unlike other hair colors, your gray hair needs more protection from the sun. This is due to the lack of melanin, which, like a natural UV filter, protects your hair and scalp from UV rays. In your silver hair Since melanin is absent, it can be damaged more quickly. Wear a hat or use a sunscreen made specifically for hair, especially in summer.