Speaking to Refinery29 about her skin problem, Hailey Baldwin talked about how she struggled with this gloom. “I don’t know what’s causing it and sometimes I can’t prevent it,” said Baldwin, who has a chronic skin condition called perioral dermatitis. This skin condition, which occurs under the eyes and around the lips, causes redness, swelling and irritation. Baldwin says that he always carries his own pillow with him due to this disease, which affects women in the middle of the age of 18-50, and says that he has removed some ingredients from his make-up and skin care routine.

Baldwin, who says that when he goes to the house after using a new product on his face due to his job, may cause irritation under his eyes, Baldwin adds that some elements in make-up works, detergents or many daily use materials can cause this.

Hailey Baldwin, the face of bareMinerals, a ‘clean’ skin care brand that does not contain parabens, phthalates and chemical sunscreens as a result of her skin problems, says that these products are very sufficient for her skin. Baldwin says that his mother fed him organic foods when he was a child, adding that he became passionate about ‘clean’ routines by always using organic shampoos and skin care products in his youth. Baldwin, who states that he pays attention to using works that do not harm the environment while thinking about his own skin health, pays attention to use natural works as much as possible outside the set.