Haircuts by Zodiac Sign

Zodiac hair sections are trending. If you are curious about which hairstyle according to your zodiac sign, here is our article. If you are in search of a new hairstyle, but cannot decide on the model, you can let your zodiac sign decide. Planets and stars align in perfect harmony to determine your defining characteristics (passionate Aries, inquisitive Gemini, loyal Taurus), so if you’re undecided about your next haircut, it’s worth experimenting with hair sections according to the zodiac sign.

Haircuts for Horoscopes

Our hair sections are a reflection of our personality and an extension of our shape, so we want to know what our zodiac sign has in mind for us.

Scorpio hair part model

Determined, strong, intuitive and loyal, scorpions are easily misunderstood. While they may have a tough exterior, those closest to them know how gentle they can be.

Sagittarius hair part model

Optimistic, free-spirited, driven and intellectual, Sagittarius are more confident in following their own tastes than trends.

Capricorn hair part model

Loyal, practical, caring and classic, Capricorns like to consider all options before making a decision. However, a practical cut that still gets tons of style praise is the collarbone cut.

Aquarius hair cut model

Despite being on top of trends, they don’t let that dictate their choices. Natural, unmade hairstyles that celebrate their own texture, rather than subjecting their hair to rules and regulations, work best.

Pisces hair part model

Compassionate, kind, intentional and gentle fish’s personalities suit a softer hair section.