Hairstyling tips!

Make choices according to your face type

If you are styling your hair happily, beware! To capture the image you want, you should definitely know your face type. For example, if your forehead is very wide, bangs will suit you very well. However, if your forehead is narrow, your face may look pretty small when using bangs. For this reason, you should know your face type properly and act accordingly.

Prepare your hair before using tongs

Are you one of those who curl your hair with a tong and straighten it with a straightener? Using a high-temperature device can cause your hair to break quickly. For this reason, before using these devices, it is useful to use shampoo, cream or spray that can protect your hair against heat. Thus, you will get more efficiency while styling your hair.

Pay attention to your hair washing frequency

If you wash your hair frequently, let’s warn you quickly. Washing your hair all the time causes the loss of moisture in your hair. A hair that has lost its moisture is more difficult to shape. Therefore, you should regularly adjust your hair washing frequency.