The name that signed one of the most anticipated beauty brands of the year is quite surprising: Harry Styles! Styles, which offers nail polish and skin care collections with its new brand called Pleasing, became the last name to join the midst of celebrities who founded a make-up and skin care brand.

Styles offers a collection called ‘Perfect Pearl’ for the first works of its brand, three different nail polishes and lacquers in black, pink and pearly white tones, an eye serum and lip oil in a single work called ‘The Pleasing Pen’, and finally ‘The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum’. Introduced a radiant serum called ‘.

Inspired by his own personal style, Styles also referred to Gucci’s 70s style. Drawing attention with her unexpected shape and colorful nail polishes in her daily life, Styles said, “I don’t think being beautiful or feeling nice is about looking good. People shine when they are happy. That’s why my works are also for people to feel welcome,” he said.

According to Pleasing’s website, the sweetness products, which are designed to be completely ‘clean’ and ‘vegan’, were not tested on animals and did not use parabens. At the same time, Styles, who came together with the Nest foundation, which works to ensure economic freedom and gender equality for artisans, will donate some of the sales of the first collection to this arrangement.

A few months ago, Styles, who got his fans excited by getting the naming rights for his brand, also started giving clues with ‘Pleasing’ billboards in cities such as New York and London during his concerts on the weekend of 14 November. You can pre-register for the works that will be available for sale on the pleasing.com website on November 29!