How is skin care done? Leave the worn skin behind in 5 steps!

We have brought together a number of formulas to repair the skin that is worn against the salt and chlorine in the pool and sea water under the sun, where we lie for a long time during the summer! Thanks to the measures you can take in response to sunspots or color inequalities in the body, you can make the skin look more lively than before. Specialist from Memorial Wellness Cosmetic Dermatology Department. Dr. Ayça Alan Atalay gave information about the treatments and treatments that regenerate the skin by removing skin blemishes.

Exposure to the sun’s rays during the summer adversely affects the skin, despite protective measures. As a result of deterioration in moisture stability and sun damage, a dull and dry appearance, yellowish color changes and spots may occur on the skin. There are many contemporary methods to prepare the skin for autumn, to purify it from spots and to revitalize it.

Air Your Skin With Autumn Care!

In order to eliminate the tiring and abrasive effects of summer, it is necessary to prepare the dull and moisture-losing skin for autumn. With chemical peeling, laser applications and purifying treatments, the skin that gets rid of this dead skin layer can look healthier, livelier and brighter. In order to eliminate sunspots and tone differences, Q Switched Nd Yag laser treatments, carbon peeling, Hydrafacial skin care and mesotherapy applications are performed according to the need of the skin.Laser technologies and skin care methods with low side effects and high smoothing speed give successful results in the field of removing stains and skin rejuvenation.

Check Out Laser Applications If Stains Are Getting Annoying!

Sun spots called lentigo that occur on the face, upper hands and décolleté area due to sun damage can be treated with Q Switched Nd Yag laser. With this treatment, the excess melanin in the skin is broken down and the spots are removed. After the process, the stained area should be protected from the sun for at least 1 month. It is valuable to use regular sunscreen to prevent the formation of new spots and to prevent recurrence of the spot on the treated areas. The treatment can be started with the middle of 7-10 days and after 3-4 sessions, the applications can be continued once a month.

Carbon Peel To Equalize Skin Tone!

Carbon peeling gives successful results in the treatment of skin blemishes and acne scars. After applying a carbon mask containing charcoal to the skin, this mask is removed from the skin with a Q Switched Nd Yag laser. Since the Q Switched Nd Yag laser is a pigment-focused laser, the carbon mask increases the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the power of the laser. This treatment treats discolorations and blemishes on the skin, evening out the skin tone and tightening the pores. The skin becomes more vibrant and bright. Carbon peeling can be applied 4-6 sessions every 2 weeks depending on the person’s complaint. After the treatment, redness and swelling do not occur, the person can easily continue his daily life after the treatment.

Hydrafacial to Cleanse and Rejuvenate the Skin

Hydrafacial care is in the middle of effective care systems that can be applied in all seasons, used to purify the skin and keep the skin young. The “vortax” technology used in this process, with the vacuum head sprayed with pressure, the skin is purified from dead cells, black spots and peeled at a micro level. Skin tone irregularities, spots and fine lines are treated with serums applied according to the problem of the skin. At the same time, solutions containing hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants are given to the skin, protecting the skin and making it look more vibrant, bright and youthful. In therapeutic applications, the care applied for 1 week in medium to 4-6 sessions should be repeated once a month in order to maintain the result. Hydrafacial and carbon peeling, which give successful results in other different stain treatments, can be combined with each other and their effects can be further increased.

Mesotherapy for those who want to revitalize their skin!

Mesotherapy technique prepares the skin for autumn by repairing the effects of summer. Mesotherapy, which revitalizes the skin, gives moisture and shine, renews the skin at the same time. It is made by injecting beneficial hyaluronic acid to the skin, antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, and molecules that provide lifting such as DMAE into the middle layer of the skin. Since mesotherapy is applied directly to the middle layer of the skin, it provides a longer and more obvious effect. Approximately 6-8 sessions should be applied with one-week intervals. After the end of the session, it is possible to maintain the activity of the application by applying mesotherapy to the skin at certain intervals.