How should leather jackets be stored?

You look at your leather jacket, which we take on during the seasonal changes, which we can never give up, for which you have spent thousands of dollars, and want it to last forever, don’t you? I’m sorry, but this may not be possible or I can say that it is not for everyone. I bought my leather jacket, but unfortunately I can’t wear it as I want. It takes some effort to take care of it.


If your leather jacket is not fake, you are lucky, it is possible to get rid of scary stains such as ink with an easy procedure. You can clean it with isopropyl alcohol without applying too much pressure. Pour the alcohol onto a small cloth module or cotton pad and wipe it gently. Be careful not to apply too much pressure while doing this process, it will wear out your leather jacket.

Storage Method

The storage method is as difficult as its use and requires effort. Since leather is a natural material, it wants to breathe. So hang your leather jacket on a large hanger and take it out of your middle row wardrobe and let it breathe for a few hours.


Maybe you are excited to wear the leather jacket you paid a fortune for as soon as possible, but stop! Don’t be quick to wear it, and when you buy your jacket, definitely take a leather or suede protective spray and apply spray before wearing it. First, try a small part of the protector, you can see how it reacts and tighten it completely.