How should the lost teeth be completed, cut or implant? Experts explain!

How should lost teeth be completed? Is it more real than an implant or a tooth cut? Aesthetic Dentist Dr. Efe Kaya explains.
I don’t want to have my teeth cut!

“I don’t want to have my teeth cut” is one of the most frequently heard phrases from patients. The treatment of missing teeth with the bridge principle goes through prostheses that comply with biomechanical rules.

What is this biomechanics?

The word bio refers to human, that is, living thing. Mechanics will speak of motion. We dentists show our civil engineer status in the mouth of patients by making biological bridges to the relevant region. These over-dental or over-implant bridges established in the mouth are made by observing mechanical and dynamic rules such as moment, stability, tensile, just as used in civil engineering. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a wasteful practice to have the teeth cut, since dentists make repairs that do not exceed the biological limits of the human body and comply with mechanical rules. . Although the most current treatment method for missing teeth is dentures on implants, bridges made by restoring our teeth, that is by cutting them, are still widely used in cases where implant application is not a cure.

What should the patient do?

Patients should trust their doctors. Every mouth and jaw are different, as is every human cat. In this context, it is the duty of the physician to choose the most appropriate treatment for the patient.