Our skin changes over time due to various factors such as age, environmental problems, and changes in life style. Therefore, artifacts used in the 20s are unlikely to be suitable for an entire life. It’s valuable to go for a change every 10 years to support your skin’s needs. After all, our skin is our biggest organ, even though most of us still ignore it.

Neslihan Demirkaya, Marketing Manager of L’Occitane, has compiled the works that will serve as a general guideline, especially depending on the needs of mothers’ skin. Demirkaya, who has been specializing in the pleasantness department for years, said, “What should I get my mother for Mother’s Day?” “The gift of skin care is always the most permanent and thoughtful gift. All you have to do is make sure you’re buying a piece of truth,” he says.

During this decade, your moms will say, “Skin tends to be a little drier and collagen levels start to decrease gradually, but visible signs of aging are still minimal. In our 20s, we actually lose one percent of collagen each year, and this becomes visible in our 30s.

Routine in your 30s
The main rush in this period is the competition of the skin, which is affected by the heavy city life, with the problem of moisture. In this period when concerns are just beginning to emerge, Aqua Reotier series increases the moisture retention performance of the skin by using the calcium and precious minerals contained in the Reotier source, while decreasing the moisture loss performance.


In your 40s, it’s key to focus on replenishing collagen production. Cell cycle, a mother’s ability to regenerate skin cells, slows down with age, so an exfoliation can be helpful. This will help remove dead skin cells from the skin surface and the skin will appear smoother. You can use an exfoliating cleanser, exfoliating pads, toner or serum.

Routine in the 40s
In this period, it is valuable to use peeling and masks to reduce the appearance of fine lines that have just started to form, to increase the regeneration rate of the skin, and to increase the skin’s tolerance to UV rays and prevent it from competing with staining concerns that may occur in the future. The Exfoliating Mask of the Reine Blanche series stands out with its special complex that increases the skin’s resistance to UV rays, and also makes chemical and enzymatic exfoliation thanks to the enzymes and jojoba grains it contains. Precious Overnight Mask, which is used afterwards, triggers the collagen structure thanks to the silicon and hyaluronic acid it contains in addition to the essential oil of immortelle, making the fine lines plump under the fine lines and supports the preservation of the youth of the skin.

For mothers in their 50s, skin laxity is the biggest concern. Humans begin to notice jowl formation as well as textural changes in length. Adding a different neck cream can be helpful in this new decade. Other ingredients that can help include peptides, growth factors, antioxidants like resveratrol and vitamin C.

Routine in the 50s
Divine Cream is a natural alternative to retinol with its magnificent essence obtained from immortelle, as well as offering a more reliable option and suspending the skin with invisible threads. Divine Youth Oil to be used together with this cream, on the other hand, restores the vitamins needed by the skin with the essential oils of rosehip, borage, sea buckthorn, viper grass, apricot, evening primrose and camelina.

Brown spots and hyperpigmentation are often a source of fuss in your 60s. So while everything else is still precious, it’s a good time to think about products and serums that also work to lighten discoloration and reduce pigmentation.

routine in your 60s
During this period, the general defense mechanism of the skin begins to lose its strength. That’s why using references with spf content comes to the fore as a must in daytime routines. UV Shield Spf 50 references of Divine Cream Spf 20 and Reine Blanche series are ideal products to increase and strengthen the defense mechanism.

As we age, the skin loses moisture, so we need to replenish it with topical products and moisturizing creams. If your skin begins to feel very dry, it may also be worthwhile to adjust the frequency of exfoliation and use of retinoids, and look for products that help repair the skin barrier.

routine in your 70s
During this period, the regeneration rate of the skin gradually decreases, deterioration in the structural and textural form of the skin begins, and the skin begins to lose its general appearance in many respects. Using the Harmony serum and cream duo can be a real option to reduce the existing signs of aging of the skin and restore the skin’s former performance.

Hydration is more valuable than ever during this phase. Components such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin, which contain moisturizers and firming peptides that will attract moisture from the skin, are recommended. Micellar water can be preferred as a gentler option for purity.

routine in your 80s
The repair of the thinned skin structure comes to the fore. In this period, it becomes more and more valuable to use products rich in fatty acids such as Shea. Products such as Divine Cream Mask should be preferred as moisturizers, and strong cleansers such as Divine Cleansing Balm and Foam in terms of soft fatty acid contents should be used.

If you want long-term care for your mom, remember that active ingredients require eight to 12 weeks of balanced use for visible results, so patience and consistency are key. And the magic serum Reset, which we recommend for all ages, should definitely be added to the skin care ritual and the performance of the moisturizer used should be increased.