How to do almond eye and eyebrow lift with thread

Deformations and deformities that occur in the face and body due to different reasons create aesthetic rush in individuals. This type of deterioration can occur later, as well as due to hereditary or hormonal structure. Due to mood disorders and deformations that occur in certain situations, mental problems can also be experienced, causing the individual to move away from social life. Apart from the aesthetic attempts that individuals have made directly for this breed’s problems, there are also aesthetic applications that they have made in the name of having a more pleasant skin and body structure.

Almond eye and eyebrow lift with thread

Today, with the developing technology, there are aesthetic applications that are performed without surgery. One of them is the creation of an almond eye with a thread.

Eyebrow lift operations are mostly performed due to the loss of elasticity of the skin as a result of aging and changes in the appearance of the face. In such cases, it may be necessary to raise eyebrows in order to provide a symmetrical appearance on the face and to achieve aesthetic gains. Advancing age causes sagging in different parts of the body, especially in the face area, and in some cases, visual function is adversely affected due to sagging of the eyelids. The sagging of the eyebrows, which is a valuable factor in the formation of the facial expression, gives the impression that the individual is always tired, finite and irritable.

The eyebrow hanging method can be done quickly by applying local anesthesia. Eyebrow hanging is the opening of a small hole from the front end of the hairline and hanging the eyebrow by bringing it to the desired position with the help of a suture passed through this hole. Although it allows the desired result to be achieved, the disadvantage is that the application is not permanent and the eyebrows return to their original position after a while. Depending on the face structure of the person and the frequency of using facial expressions, it may need to be repeated in 6 months to 2 years.

Almond eye formation with thread is done with the aim of reshaping the eye by pulling the inner and outer side corners of the eye further out and up. If the inner, outer and lateral corners of the eye, called canthus, are downwards, individuals appear tired and low-powered, making this type of practice necessary. The creation of almonds with a thread, which is made to eliminate the unwanted effects caused by such mishaps on the face, which is the focal point of the body, is an easy aesthetic intervention that can be done without causing any damage to the tissues.

Almond eye and eyebrow lifting processes can be performed without risk, by entering from real points with threads and using special techniques.

Its permanence is 1-2 years and there is definitely a long-term effect. There is no risk of the procedures and can be repeated in the future. According to surgery, there is no permanent effect. It is safe, does not contain irreversible permanent risks, can be done in office rules. We especially prefer fusible threads.