How to eliminate the lines in the middle of the eyebrows, get rid of wrinkles with filler application!

The mimic movements we make constantly cause lines to form on our face after a while. One of these lines is the lines formed in the middle of the eyebrow due to our frown and facial expressions. Getting rid of this very disturbing appearance is actually not that much of a problem. So how can we get rid of mid-brow lines? Specialist Dr. We learned from Jale Şenyurt.

In the middle of the eyebrows, especially with the frequent repetition of mimic movements due to frowning, muscle hardening and dynamic wrinkles occur over time. Frowning is a very common gesture. Over time, the muscles in the area become very strong, causing deep lines on the skin in the middle of the two eyebrows to appear permanently and the normal gaze position disappears over time. The deep line in the middle of the eyebrows gives the person an angry and harsh word. In this case, the application of botox in the middle of the eyebrow to this area gives sufficient results. In deeper lines where Botox is not enough, a filling element is given under the skin. This treatment is often used in combination with botox. With Botox, the frown movement is softened. It is possible with filling to create a smoother and more beautiful view at points where botox is not sufficient. The combined use of both treatments gives more appropriate and long-term results.

Here is the secret of getting rid of wrinkles!

Filling application to the mid-brow lines is the process of injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin through a fine needle. In order to minimize the pain during the process, numbing creams are applied to the area to be treated. The filling size to be used in the process varies according to the problem. The filler shows its effect quickly after the application, wrinkles and deep lines are smoothed out. Although its permanence varies from person to person, its effect lasts for an average of 6-8 months.