How to make up in winter, protect your skin against cold weather!

With the change of seasons, although we provide harmony with the seasons in our daily lives, from clothes to shoes, this situation also remains valid for our skin. Especially with the cold weather, your skin, which always loses moisture, needs to make some changes in cosmetic and make-up applications compared to the summer season. Morhipo MAG group gave tips for preparing your skin for winter in both care and cosmetics for the readers of!

In the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, the skin is always losing moisture. As a result of this situation, it is very valuable to use summer and winter humidifiers. But another practice that is probably undervalued is using sunscreen. No matter how cloudy the weather is, keep your SPF-enabled moisturizer with you throughout the day. Remember, you can spend the winter with baby-like skin with the peeling and masks you will make frequently.

Red, bronze and black winter colors!

During the winter, besides red, bronze and black, glitter and metallic tones will often be encountered. Be prepared now and give these hues a chance. You can add new colors to your lipstick collection for eye-catching lips that are also trending. If you prefer eye make-up, you can adapt the eyelashes of Twiggy, who was famous in the 60s, or create rebellious looks with dark black make-up.

Hair is just as important as skin!

There is another thing that is affected as much as your skin by the change in air temperatures during the seasons; your hair. If you do not want to spend the winter with breakages, a dull, lifeless and pale appearance, you can use care masks and moisturizers for your hair.

Choosing perfume for winter

In the summer season, when heavy perfumes are not preferred, the scents are softer, more flowery and more fresh. You can see the long winter days as an opportunity to use woody, spicy and slightly heavier perfumes.