How to pass the lines on the edge of the lip, destroy it with one move!

The lip lines caused by aging, smoking and genetic factors begin to deepen if precautions are not taken in time. This appearance makes the person look more tired and older than they are. It is possible to get rid of lip lines, which is a very uncomfortable condition. So how? As, we searched for the exercises that will save you from lip lines. Here is the answer!

Be sure to massage

Notice the area using your fingertips and rubbing in a quick circular motion. Massage the upper, outward truth and try to feel the muscles around the lines at the rim of the mouth, then gently pull and flatten them. Visualize the fresh oxygen circulating in your face as you close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Trumpeter training works miracles!

Inhale through your mouth and puff out your cheeks as if you were trying to hold the air in your mouth and play a note on the trumpet. If necessary, breathe through your nose and hold for 60 seconds, then slowly exhale the air you hold in your mouth through your nostrils. Repeat 5 times. This workout will help lift the lines around your mouth and tighten your cheeks.


This is a lip squat workout to reduce lines around the mouth. Curl your lips into your mouth, squeezing slowly so they stay in the middle and tucked. Exhale sharply but keep your mouth closed; this will cause the skin around your mouth to swell like a balloon. Hold it until 4, then exhale completely and relax your mouth. Repeat 10 times. Quickly place your middle fingers under the outer edge of your two noses and press in and down. Without lifting your fingers, pinch your upper lip with a mocking smile and lift it to your nose. You should feel the skin under your fingertips being pulled. Inhale and hold your teasing phrase for 6 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Doing this workout in front of a mirror will help you isolate real muscle and prevent you from contracting unnecessary muscles.
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