How to take care of hair in summer

Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) Hair Care and Wellness Services Program Leader Leyla Yurek Ergül talked about the points to be considered for those who have hair care in the summer months.

risky situations

  • If possible, wash your hair yourself before leaving the house,
  • Don’t miss your appointment time,
  • If you are going to cut your hair, take your mask off your ears and hold it in your mouth.
  • Make sure the person serving you is masked.
  • Even from a distance, blow drying is risky. By blowing, the particles in the air can reach far away and you may be at risk.
  • Skin care, make-up, eyebrow and mustache removal is also risky because it is done in close range.

When summer comes, wear and tear increases. Hot weather, sea water, chlorinated water of the pool wears out the hair. For this reason, a suitable shampoo should be used so that these kinds of factors are properly purified from the hair and scalp. One point to note is that products containing sulfates should be avoided as they dry the hair. The pine turpentine oil that you will add to the shampoo you use will nourish and repair your spilled hair. UVA rays damage the hair as well as the skin. For this reason, protective sprays can be used, wearing a hat or an umbrella will also protect your hair from direct sun exposure.

Prefer natural artifacts

After entering the sea or pool, the hair should be rinsed with clean water and oiled with argan oil. This application will protect your hair from the damaging effects of sea salt and pool chlorine. The works you apply to your hair are very valuable, and I recommend you to use natural products from the chemical ones you will use; Like argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil…

Nutrition is very valuable in frequent hair loss. Dark green leafy vegetables, fruits containing vitamin C, protein sources such as chicken and turkey should be consumed and plenty of water should be drunk. It will be useful to make natural masks with coconut milk or aloe vera once or twice a week and wait for at least half an hour. Vinegar can be used in the problem of dandruff.


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