How to take care of skin in the fall, shorten the shower time!

With the hot weather, our skin is quite tired. Our skin, which gets tired of sea, sun and sand, is about to face cold weather. So what should we do? How should we protect our skin? What should we change and add in our skin care routines as autumn approaches? As, we have listed the skin care routines you should pay attention to in autumn! Here’s what you need to do!

Be sure to use sunscreen!

Although the summer is slowly coming to an end, you should never give up on your sunscreen. Your skin needs protection in winter. With a light work, you can continue to defend your skin against UV rays.

Shorten your shower time

Usually, being under hot water for a long time feels good to everyone. However, the high temperature during the shower in autumn causes skin dryness. While taking a shower, you should prefer warm water and take a shower in the middle of 5-10 minutes.

use a moisturizer

Use moisturizer often. Humidity is the key word for skincare in cold weather. You should switch to a heavier-consistency moisturizer in the fall than in the summer. Moisturizing the skin is extremely valuable. For this reason, you should take care to moisturize your skin in summer and winter.