How to thicken eyebrows, try applying garlic!

Eyebrows are one of the most precious areas that promise the face. It is also very effective in making your face look more lively and youthful. Every woman’s eyebrow is different. While some have thin eyebrows, others have naturally thick and natural eyebrows. Some of the women with thin eyebrows suffer from this situation. Did you know that you can have natural and thick eyebrows with the formulas you will apply at home? It is possible to thicken thin eyebrows in several ways. So how? How to thicken eyebrows? Here is all you need to do!


Just as healthy hair and many other things require a systematic and healthy diet. The first condition for thick eyebrows is a regular and healthy diet. Did you know that you can make your eyebrows thicker by consuming 10 glasses of water every day, eating vegetables containing plenty of fiber, and choosing foods containing vitamins A, C, B3, and E? While paying attention to these, it will be a good decision not to touch your eyebrows with wax or tweezers.

You should definitely try the garlic mask.

If you want to thicken eyebrows naturally, you should definitely try the garlic mask. With an unused toothbrush, a gentle massage is applied to the exit part of the eyebrows. These areas will be a little red, but the skin tissue will be opened and expanded at this time. Afterwards, 2 cloves of garlic are crushed in a mortar and then brought to a creamy consistency with olive oil. Creamy garlic is applied to the eyebrows. It will be enough to do it systematically only once a week.

You can try makeup apps

Another method that provides thickening of thin eyebrows is the application of make-up technique. Thanks to this discontinuous analysis recommendation, you can get rid of your thin eyebrows. You can apply this instant savior until your eyebrows come out, then you won’t even need it.