It causes wrinkles around the lips if you whistle often…

Fine wrinkles in the middle of the early signs of aging are evident around the eyes and then around the lips. The formation of wrinkles around the lips can be caused by the facial expressions we use in daily life and some of our habits, depending on the progression of age. To take precautions for wrinkles around the lips, Medical Esthetician Dr. Metehan Özgür gave valuable information about 7 habits in daily life that cause wrinkles around the mouth.

Wrinkles are one of the most obvious signs of aging. Wrinkles that occur on the skin around the mouth are an early and noticeable part of aging. We call the lines above and below the lips “barcode lines”. In order to prevent wrinkles, it is useful to minimize the habits made in daily life.

We live in an age where many people are battling the signs of aging. On the other hand, unfortunately, little attention is paid to the lips and mouth. It turns out that the first sign of aging signs and volume losses begin around the mouth.

If You Whistle Often…

With a mechanism similar to sipping through a straw, whistling for a long time contributes to the wrinkled skin around the rim.

If you are using a pipette…

Many women consume their drinks mostly using straws to prevent their lipstick from getting on the glasses or as a courtesy. However, it is beneficial to consume drinks directly from the glass, because the formation of wrinkles may accelerate due to repetitive movements while consuming drinks with a straw.

If Your Lips Are Often Dry…

The health of the tissue cells is directly reflected on the lips. When these cells are healthy, the lips look lively, full and young. Water is very precious for the skin and lips as it is for the whole body. When the lips are dehydrated, they look pale, dry, cracked and become more prone to some infections. That’s why keeping the lips moist at all times is very valuable.

Take Care To Have A Preservation Factor In The Balms You Use!

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays is very damaging to the skin. In addition, it can cause damage and important issues on the lip surfaces where the skin is very thin. To prevent damage to the lips, a lip balm with high factor sun protection should be used. In this way, the lips remain moist and also protected from harmful UV rays.

If you smoke…

Smoking produces free radicals that contribute to premature aging, as it is harmful to everything in our body, and increases the pigmentation of the skin, causing it to become more intense. Repetitive lip squeezing movements while smoking causes permanent wrinkles on the lips. Giving up smoking will be an ideal solution not only for our general health, but also to protect ourselves from the effects of aging on the lips.

If You Have a Habit of Biting Lips…

The chewing here is not chewing while eating! In today’s conditions, it is very difficult to stay away from tension in urban life. Many people bite and chew their lips, often unknowingly, out of tension or out of habit. It is very valuable to leave this because you can always damage your lip mucosa with stimuli, injure and bleed your lip skin, even cause infections and create permanent scars.


Smiling is a very pleasant thing, but when you use your facial muscles to smile again and again, you will notice lines that start to appear on the sides of your lips when you make too many facial expressions. “Of course you won’t stop smiling, but you can add skincare sessions to your pleasant routine.”

What to Do to Get Rid of Wrinkles Around the Lips?

Of course, as in all anti-aging methods, this is the most pleasant test measure in eight imperfect movements. It is necessary to be careful and avoid these movements. But again, there is analysis. It is possible to get very productive results when toxins and mesotherapy formulas are applied to these wrinkles, which we call “barcode lines” or “cigarette lines” above and below the lip.