Simone Porte Jacquemus knows how to get us excited. From the iconic Le Chiquito micro small bag in the collection of all fashion lovers to the catwalks where Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner walked, Jacquemus always manages to raise the bar a little higher. Being in the middle of the pioneers of the ‘see-now-buy-now’ concept and taking us to a different field every time, Jacquemus is now stepping into the pleasant side.

According to the news of Women’s Wear Daily, Jacquemus, who came to a meeting with the Spanish cosmetics company Puig, which carries out the production of cosmetics for brands such as Christian Louboutin, Jean Paul Gaultier and Penhaligons, is working on a beauty collection.

You can expect the French brand’s sweetness collection to go on sale in 2022, as there is no confirmation or denial yet from Puig or Jacquemus. Although the Puig company generally focuses on the perfumes of luxury fashion brands, they also produce makeup brands such as Charlotte Tilbury. That’s why next year we may see a lavender scented Jacquemus perfume or a micro small lipstick collection too!

Always inspired by a different point for his new collections, Jacquemus often talks about his place of birth and his childhood. Saying that his mother is always an inspiration for his brand, Jacquemus can also turn to this theme in his pleasantness collection.

With the growth of the beauty branch, many luxury fashion brands started to launch cosmetics collections. One of the best examples of this is Valentino, who launched a cosmetics collection last year. It is not surprising that Jacquemus, who soon became the favorite of fashion’s ‘it-girls’, wanted to step into the cuteness branch!