Jennifer Lopez started 2021 brightly as usual! Lopez, who shared an image from her Instagram account on Saturday, showed her skin care routine step by step with her brand JLo Beauty. “After yesterday’s #WashAway2020 event, we are starting 2021 with a clean face. I can’t believe JLo Beauty is now sold out. We worked on this for years and it finally came out. We tested hundreds of expedition artifacts and formulas to create amazing artifacts for you to have the sparkle. I’m proud of what we’ve done and I know you’ll love it. We just get started!” Jennifer Lopez tested the works she had been working on for years.

Wearing a shiny silk dressing gown, Lopez asked the camera, “Are you ready to throw 2020 off?” he asks a question to his group behind the camera. Lopez later states that she has Christmas performance make-up on her face and says, “There’s really a lot of make-up, but I’m ready to wash it.” Choosing a cleanser from the middle of JLo Beauty works, Lopez easily removes the last traces of 2020 from her face. “After you complete the process, there is a slight glow on your face,” says Lopez, then applying a serum from her brand to her face, “I sent this formula back about 20 times. I wanted to make sure it had a quick glow and firming effect. Then I feed the work that remains on my fingertips to my hand because I want to have nice hands too. I want you to notice one thing: I had full makeup on and my skin was glowing nonetheless. Now I’ve taken off my makeup. I don’t have any makeup on my face and I applied the serum. Right now, my natural skin has more radiance than my makeup face. That’s my goal with JLo Beauty… To make you feel nice on your own skin. Even when it’s just you. Not when you have to put in padding and filters and all that stuff we do on social media to feel nice. This is where you want to feel most welcome,” she adds.

Starting 2020 with Shakira’s unforgettable Wonderful Bowl performance, Jennifer Lopez ended this strange year again with a glorious New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square in New York. Determined to spread her positive power to her fans despite everything, Lopez said, “My mantra for this year: #Keep Dreaming Our future is bright! 2021 will bring unlimited opportunities for all of us to realize our dreams. A dream to unite and eliminate this virus. A dream for a more connected world. I felt that this music was perfect to start 2021 and I was so excited and honored to sing it at RockinEve last night.”