Jennifer Lopez’s new brand of cuteness has become a family event! Lopez, who recently shared an image with her daughter Emme Muniz and fiancee Alex Rodriguez’s daughters Natasha and Ella Rodriguez on her Instagram account, tried new skin care products with her family. Lopez, who applied a scrub to their faces with the girls in the image, tried the ‘That Hit Single’ gel cream cleanser. The girls who expressed their opinions about the works stated that they felt “shiny and gorgeous”. Adding that her cleanser removes all make-up residues, Lopez says, “This removes everything. For example, even the make-up you put on while we weren’t looking,” he joked with the girls.

Later helping Emme, Natasha and Ella apply the vitamin serum, Lopez was spotted donning oversized glasses and striped pajamas for this fun family activity. Lopez, who previously told her mother Guadalupe Rogriguez’s secrets of sweetness to apply olive oil, said that she was inspired by classical rituals for her collection. Lopez said, “My mother’s secrets of beauty are the foundations of JLO Beauty” and stated the inspiration for her new collection.

Thanking her fans for their support in another image, Lopez said, “I heard JLo Beauty’s first editions are sold out. I needed to quickly tell you how much I thank you. “We’ve worked hard on this and I’m thrilled that you’re just as excited as I am.”