We know Kylie Jenner for her hair changes as well as lip kits. Quickly appearing with a different style every time, Kylie Jenner went for a change this time to celebrate her 23rd birthday. Celebrating her birthday a few days early, Jenner shared a new style for this special day.

It was not overlooked that Jenner, who went to the Nobu restaurant in Los Angeles with his friends, had a long haircut. Jenner, who preferred the short ‘bob’ section, had her hair dyed honey tones at the same time. Complementing her chin-length hair with black eyeliner and pink lipstick, Jenner dazzled with her simple and sparkling appearance.

Jenner, who wore a leather jacket over her crochet top for her birthday celebration, shared the celebration dinner from her Instagram story, saying, “Last night, my best friends took me to an early birthday dinner at the last minute.” In another image, Jenner, blowing the powder-colored and rose-designed birthday cake, celebrated her new age in a fun way. After Jenner’s celebrations, she shared a photo with her daughter Stormi, saying “My most special gift”.