Listen to these suggestions on how to care for eyebrows!

Due to the pandemic, going to the hairdresser has become a more dangerous and somewhat costly business than before. But Covid-19 doesn’t mind you being well-groomed. If you do not know how to care for your eyebrows at home, it is enough to take a look at our offers. Here are the secrets of home eyebrow care in 7 steps!

Shape it first

Although it will probably be more beneficial for you to leave the shaping of your eyebrows to the professional hands, you can also do this yourself. Give your face the most suitable shape without disturbing the form of your eyebrows too much.


As with your hair, when you comb your eyebrows, with a little stimulation, it will start to produce beneficial oils for itself. You don’t always have to comb your eyebrows, but brushing them once or twice a week is essential for eyebrow care.

be kind

Whatever you do to your eyebrows, be gentle. You should not hurry and be careful not to pluck your eyebrows in irreparable form and not to damage your skin.

moisten it

You have skin under your eyebrows and your skin always wants to be moisturized. Otherwise it becomes dry and flaky, even under your eyebrows. When you apply face cream, be sure to apply some on your eyebrows. It also makes it easier for you to shape them.

Wax carefully

If you are going to wax your eyebrows, you have to be very careful. Waxing should not be too hot so as not to cause burns. When pulling, care should be taken to pull on the side where your eyebrows come out. Do not forget that if you do not pay attention to hygiene, you can get skin infections.

Apply eyeshadow

Using too much cosmetics is bad for your skin. However, some women naturally have light colored or sparse eyebrows. If that’s the case for you, experts recommend using eyeshadow instead of eyebrow pencil. It will be easier to apply and more natural in appearance.

Products suitable for your skin

The works you will buy for your eyebrows should first of all be suitable for your skin type. Also, if you have a tattoo or piercing on your eyebrow, you should pay special attention to the area, pay close attention to hygiene, and choose anti-allergic cosmetic products.