Makeup tips for beginners from Fezi Altun

Fezi Altun recommends applying your mascara to the base of your eyelashes with zigzag movements. In this way, you can achieve the effect of dipliner with mascara applied to the base of the eyelashes. In addition, since you will leave the density to the base of the eyelashes, your eyelashes will be voluminous from root to tip.

Fezi Altun, who says that it is not wrong to apply under-eye concealer all around your eyes, says: “The eyelid is the place that produces sebum the easiest, a creamy work that you apply on it can smear your mascara and make your makeup look dirty.” For this, you can apply a base on your skin tone.

In under-eye concealer, a lighter tone than your skin tone can make your skin look gray, while a darker tone can make you look tired. Therefore, even if you do not wear eyeshadow, the headlight you choose should be suitable for your skin tone.

When applying concealer around your eyes, you only need to do it on the area where the color issue is.
apply the work. You will get the most perfect result if you apply it to the area under the eye spring, as the real applied work on the crow’s feet will definitely accumulate inside the lines.

The only rule you need to pay attention to when applying blush is to apply the blush to the cheeks and apply it to the cheekbones.
not to come out. For this, the mounds that appear with a slight smile are formed as a buffer.
If you apply it, you will both get the full color and apply the blush like a professional.

The only thing you need to pay attention to when applying lip gloss is from the lip edges of the work.
not overflow. Fezi Altun says that for this, a lip gloss can be framed with a lip liner.