Mask revealed bad breath problem

Dentist Dilek Yalnız Zogun said, “Bad odor is a very important problem. Anyone standing near a person with a bad breath can notice the smell. But since such things are not said in the name of not hurting the other side, people with bad breath cannot realize this,” he said. However, Zogun stated that he noticed that people’s mouths stink when masks were obligatory due to the coronavirus, and said, “A person does not understand that their mouth stinks. However, when the mask is worn, the smell coming from the mouth can be understood more clearly by the nose. That smell was always there, but they understood it more clearly with the mask. We have been encountering many patients on this side lately,” he said.

Bad breath is a very important problem, but it can often be a problem for a person with bad breath to realize it. But when masks became obligatory due to the conavirus, individuals began to realize that they had a bad breath problem. Because when the mask was put on, the smell from the mouth became clearer to the nose.

Ways to detect bad breath

For those who cannot detect bad breath through the mask, Zogun said, “There are different ways to detect bad breath. There are also bad breath devices. But its reliability is low. Another easy way is to put some saliva on your wrist and smell it after 5-10 seconds. If you feel a foul odor, you probably have bad breath,” he said.

Causes of bad breath

Stating that there are many different causes of bad breath, Zogun said, “It should be determined whether it really comes from the teeth, throat or stomach. Rotten teeth, awful old bridges, fillings, unknown caries under them are the most valuable reasons. In addition, wisdom teeth are located at the back. Food residues get around it and it is very difficult to clean. These also smell. Insufficient tooth brushing and drinking less water can be cited as another reason.

How is bad breath treated?

  • If bad breath is not caused by the stomach, throat or a different disease, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the mouth in order to eliminate bad breath.
  • Definitely brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • In order to clean the bacteria accumulated in the middle of the teeth, use an interface brush systematically apart from tooth brushing, do not interrupt applications such as dental floss and tooth shower.
  • Drink plenty of water to improve the quality of saliva.

Do not delay the inspection every 6 months
Zogun stated that if the problem persists despite all these, a specialist should be consulted and advised that “Even if there is no problem, a dental examination should be done every 6 months”.

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