Medical aesthetics attracted great attention in the new normal

Stating that Turkey, which has become the most suitable medical aesthetics with its world-class doctors, has become the world’s center of pleasantness. Nedim Budakoğlu and Şebnem Demir said, “Guests from various countries of the world both go to a tourist type and return to their country after having plastic surgery.” The coronavirus epidemic, which affects all segments, did not affect the medical aesthetics branch in Turkey much. As of May, the phones were almost locked in the clinics where women were busy. Before the pandemic, tourists from all over the world both had aesthetic operations and visited Turkey with the varieties they bought in packages.

“Yes, there was a concern during the pandemic period, but our phones became locked”

Stating that Turkey has a very valuable place in the health tourism market, Estesense clinic owner Şebnem Demir said, “There is a lot of demand from European and Arab countries. Each of our hair transplant and plastic surgery physicians in our country is very successful. Tourists from abroad get cheaper service here because they pay in TL. We have taken all our measures during the coronavirus period. Yes, there was a fuss during the pandemic period, but our phones are now in a state of lockdown. After May, we started to serve many of our patients,” he said.

Stating that Turkey needs competent people and strict controls in order to maintain its position as president in medical aesthetics, Şebnem Demir said, “To be a physician, it is necessary to undergo very important trainings. For this reason, some under the counter processes are carried out in businesses that are seen as pleasantness centers, which negatively affects our branch both at home and abroad. These should be audited more and corporate businesses like us should be preferred. We get a nice share in the wellness department. The cake in health tourism is really big and we are racing against time. Turkey is now a base of pleasantries, a health paradise, a huge potential for health tourism. The truth that needs to be done is to make the names process. Many of those who come from abroad do not know who they will meet. Definitely, these processes should be done under the roof of the polyclinic.”

“There are people who come here to consult us with photos of celebrities from time to time”

Suggesting that consumers be conscious, Demir said, “Beauty is something that is done for ourselves, we must love ourselves first. From time to time, there are people who come and consult us with the photos of celebrities, we do not recommend this very much. Everyone has their own body structure, everyone has their own taste. It is necessary to think about how true it is to come up with a photo and make my nose look like this. It is not good not to keep the expectation at the highest level all the time. Botox application has a respite in the middle of 4 to 6 months. It is not a permanent application. I’ve had Botox done, so let’s not expect that my lines won’t reappear,” he said.

Watch out for phone filters

Stating that photo filters in Photoshop and smartphones affect the perception of pleasantness, Demir said, “There is no one who does not use phone filters, especially we women use them a lot. After these filters, we started to admire ourselves. We started the competition with strange expectations like ‘make me look like this, this is actually me’ coming to our clinics with filtered photos. Is technology and the coronavirus period pulling us away from us? I think we need to go inside a little bit. Aesthetics is a perception of pleasantness that comes from within,” he concluded.

“Especially almond eye application was in great demand during the pandemic period”

Speaking about medical aesthetics, Dr. Nedim Budakoğlu said, “Medical Aesthetics was the whole of non-surgical practices, but it became a new lane in the last period. However, recently, there has been a new avenue besides surgery. Before that, processes that had to be done only with surgical intervention began to be moved to non-surgical environments. In other words, face lifts, face lifts, eyebrow and almond eye applications have started to be performed without the need for surgery in examination and clinical settings. In recent years, in the process of development of aesthetic medicine, even if there is no alternative to surgery, a new avenue has emerged. Medical aesthetics is a little easier for patients and is compatible with social life. In addition, it is a little more advantageous than surgery in smoothing processes, but it cannot be said that it is very easy. During the pandemic period, women’s face and eyebrow hanger ways, almond eye applications were especially in demand. The duration of these processes is 15 minutes, and the smoothing time reaches a maximum of one week. These processes must be carried out by individuals who are experts in this field,” he said.