Meet Hormeta, Switzerland’s skin care expert

Hormeta now brings Switzerland’s flawless skin care expertise to Turkey…

The skin care brand Hormeta, prepared with Swiss guarantee and quality and making a difference in the sector with its groundbreaking techniques, introduced its products with a magnificent launch.

Swiss origin cosmetics brand Hormeta introduced high quality skin care products to its consumers with a special launch held at Pera Palace on February 12. The launch, attended by dermatologists, skin care specialists and members of the press, was hosted by Şah Yaycı residence: Burcu Kara, Siren Ertan, Gamze Cizreli, Begüm Özer, Dilek Kunt, Hülya Kalyoncu, Balçiçek İlter, Akasya Asiltürkmen, Neslihan Yeldan, Ece Kıral, Naz Günday, Mert Aslan, Prominent names of society life, such as Elif Dağdeviren and Zeynep Üstünel, also showed great interest.

Photograph from left to right: Şah Yaycı, Siren Ertan, Burcu Kara

The launch, which started with the presentation of the Hormeta founders, continued with all guests experiencing these unique and high-quality skin care products, which are 100% Swiss made. Following the experience, both observations and information about the brand were shared with private conversations.

Photograph from left to right: Hormeta Founder Philippe Bouchara, Geraldine Bouchara Robin-CEO, Hormeta General Manager Gwenaelle Bluet Morvan, Hormeta Turkey Representatives Irina Kravchenko, Xavier Roguedas, Hakkı Ashaboğlu, Olga Gurskaya, Hormeta Turkey Sales Manager Tuğba Bolat

Geraldine Bouchara, CEO of the brand: ‘We are very pleased to meet with Turkish consumers.  Our brand is about the Swiss tradition of high quality. Since 1949, we have been moving forward and developing our work with the most appropriate content possible. All our works are Swisscos certified and 100% Swiss made. Anyone who cares about Hormeta artifacts, especially the Horme Gold series, which contains gold dust and trace elements, can now be found in Turkey. We are very proud to be able to serve Turkish consumers with the most distinguished pharmacies.’said.

Hormeta is a 70-year-old Swiss laboratory known all over the world for its special formulas. Hormeta provides the renewal and strengthening of the skin with the natural and scientifically proven component called OligoCos-5©, which uses copper, manganese, zinc, silicon, magnesium trace elements as well as water obtained from the Swiss Alps. Hormeta, which increases the skin’s resistance to aging with its hyaluronic acid content, is recommended by dermatologists all over the world. The most preferred products of the brand, which offers analyzes with a wide range of products for all skin issues, are Ultimate Serum No 8, Gold Serum, Pro Oxygen Sleeping Gel.

With ‘Ultimate Serum No 8’, it is possible to prevent premature aging, reduce the signs of fatigue, smooth the appearance of the skin and provide brightness. ‘Gold Serum’, the serum with gold particles, which eliminates lipid deficiencies that occur as a result of cutaneous aging, accelerates skin regeneration by dealing with tissue relaxation. The firmness and flexibility of the skin structure is supported with the ‘Pro Oxygen Sleeping Gel’, an anti-stress night mask to revitalize the skin and accelerate the cellular respiration of the skin.

Hormeta brand, which will offer healthy skin to Turkish people with its unique expertise and special formulas, can be accessed from distinguished pharmacies such as Severli Center Pharmacy, Beyoğlu Pharmacy and Levent Metro Pharmacy.

Hormeta’s history…

Since 1949, the creators of OLIGOCOSMETICS, Hormeta laboratories have created unique complexes combining the benefits of the most accurate concentrated traces and elements for a stable, pleasant and radiant skin. At the end of this understanding of wonder, he created the first complete skin care range, bringing together unique minerals, essential active ingredients and natural plant extracts, which are perfectly adapted to different skin needs to help prevent skin aging.

Drawing on the strong mineral and plant diversity of Switzerland’s natural environment, Hormeta laboratories are members of Swisscos, which documents the production and packaging of Swiss artifacts and ensures the preservation of the origin of Swiss cosmetics.

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