New product against skin blemishes

We can define skin blemishes as a skin problem that is based on different causes and leaves long periodic scars on the skin.

Preventing the formation of stains is very valuable to have a well-groomed skin. Rilastil Cumlaude Lab. D-Clar series offers solutions to prevent skin blemishes thanks to its special formulas.

Skin spots become apparent when the pigments called melanin, which gives our skin its color, accumulate in a certain area of ​​the skin and take on a darker color than the natural color in that area and become permanent over time.

Many factors such as the damaging effects of the sun, advancing age, malnutrition, genetic structure, and polluted air can cause spots on the skin.

In order to prevent the formation of skin spots, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to skin care and skin purity. However, the use of the right product and care procedures suitable for the skin type are very valuable here.
Anti-spot cream with sunscreen: Rilastil Cumlaude Lab. D-Clar Cream SPF 50+

The sun can cause many damage to the skin. The first of these is skin blemishes. Rilastil Cumlaude Lab, which helps prevent depigmentation. D-Clar Cream SPF 50+ is used to reduce existing brown spots and prevent new spots from forming.

Formulated with physical filters, this effective cream protects the skin from the damaging rays of UVA-UVB, and thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it provides the skin with a more vibrant, bright and luminous appearance.

Rilastil D-Clar Cream SPF 50+, which is applied to the face and neck area in the morning with circular movements except around the eyes, especially over the local spots, is suitable for all skin types.
Rilastil Cumlaude Lab. D-Clar Gotas Anti-Blemish Serum

Rilastil Cumlaude Lab. D-Clar Gotas Anti-Blemish Serum helps prevent the reoccurrence of spots thanks to its herbal-based content. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin Rilastil Cumlaude Lab. D-Clar Gotas Anti-Blemish Serum is applied morning and evening, especially on the areas prone to stains, except around the eyes, on the face and neck area, with massage movements until the trace is completely absorbed.

Price information of products:

  • Rilastil Cumlaude Lab. D-Clar Cream SPF 50+ / 179.00 TL (50ml)
  • Rilastil Cumlaude Lab. D-Clar Gotas Blemish Serum / 199.00 TL (30 ml)