Do you remember the little Rihanna lookalike who was on the agenda of social media? Even Rihanna was not indifferent to this similarity, her little girl Instagram account “I almost dropped my phone. How?” he shared. While we were painting somewhere when we were seven years old, Rihanna’s like Ala’a Skyy recently signed her first niceness contract! Resembling Rihanna’s ‘baby filter’ photo, Skyy also received an offer from the famous model Tyra Banks. Tyra Banks, who is preparing to open the entertainment park called ‘ModelLand’ in the near future, invited Skyy to talks.

Now a brand ambassador for natural hair care brand The Mane Choice, 7-year-old Skyy is quickly gaining fame. “Aside from having an excellent attitude and work ethic at this young age, she also loves her hair! Skyy is aware of the benefits of using a decent artifact. This is awesome!” said brand CEO and Founder Courtney Adeleye, sharing the excitement of their new face, Skyy.

Skyy’s mother Bria Baytops, who shared the works of the brand ‘The Mane Choice’, of which she is the face, on her Instagram page, said, “One day you use your favorite works because you love them, the next day you use your favorite works and at the same time you become the new ambassador of the brand!” wrote she.