If you’re having skin problems on top of everything else this year, you’re not alone! We think that pretty quickly everyone got their share of the masks and environmental factors. Now, with the cold weather, our skin started to give alarm. If you have not tried any work with the internet shopping craze and you are still having problems with your skin, it’s time to look at new alternatives. Many factors, from lifelong changes to daily routine, can trigger your skin’s redness, itching and sensitivity. Weakening skin barriers can make this situation more difficult. So how can we strengthen our skin barriers? Before answering this question, we examine the changes in your skin and its causes…


One of the most obvious reasons for the change in skin barriers is water temperature! Too cold or too hot water can damage your skin’s protective barriers and replace the smooth and glowing appearance with a dry and irritated one. The analysis of this question is very simple! You should always use lukewarm water when washing your face or using cleansing products. As always, the excess of everything is wasted, even the water temperature…


Considering the time we spend outside this year, we think that we nourish our skin with Vitamin D as much as possible during the summer months. However, the sun’s rays can have bad effects rather than their proper directions. We know that many factors such as UVA rays and environmental pollution cause premature aging in the long term, but your skin barriers are damaged in the short term. A sunscreen with a comprehensive SPF is necessary not only in summer but also in winter. Enriched with antioxidants, moisturizing creams and barrier-strengthening ingredients, creams with SPF not only protect your face from damaging sun rays, but also care for your skin.

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It is a rule to wash your face at least once a day, but with the obsession of cleanliness that has gripped us all in recent months, you may be washing your face repeatedly every day. It is very nice to get rid of the dirt of the day from your face, but more than that is wasted. Applying a lot of cleansing to your face with skin care products damages the skin barriers more than you think. Even the mildest cleanser can destroy the lipids that moisturize and protect your skin. If you clean your skin in excess with soapy or perfumed cleansers, you are embracing skin problems. For this reason, turn to cream-formulated cleansers in your daily cleansing routine, so you do not lose moisture to your skin.

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Physical or chemical exfoliants… It is very valuable not to go too far in both choices. Skin scrubs and exfoliants are ideal for cleaning dead skin, renewing skin cells and getting a radiant appearance, but when active ingredients are used too much, they can cause irritation on your skin. If you feel that your skin barrier is weakening, you can turn to paper masks by giving a little medium to scrub products. Sheet masks that moisturize your skin without damaging it and nourish it with vitamins, restore your skin to its optimal health. Paper masks, which allow the renewal process of your skin, strengthen the skin barriers.

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If you find that your skin is tight and red, you may need to give the skin care products you routinely use an audit. If the products you use contain perfume or even natural essential oils, these ingredients may weaken your skin barriers. If you give a little medium to perfume-containing skin care products in this period, you will see the differences in your skin. Perfumed skin care products can disrupt the skin’s natural stability and barrier function. If you are experiencing irritation or discomfort, we recommend you turn to fragrance-free care products. Powerful and nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, omega fatty acids, ceramides or niacinamide strengthen the skin barriers and accelerate the recovery of your face!

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Acid and perfume-containing products can damage skin barriers. These works, which destroy the natural oils in your skin and cause the barriers to become dry and irritated, also affect the alkaline values ​​of your skin. The pH stability of your skin is very valuable for natural regeneration and cells. If you see that your skin is dry and irritated, we recommend that you moderate the ingredients such as salicylic acid for a while.

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The damage to the skin barriers causes the moisture content to drop significantly. Moisturizing, which is one of the most valuable steps of the care routine, is especially valuable when the skin barriers are weakened. While your skin loses more water and moisture than usual, you can balance the moisture levels in your skin barriers with moisturizers containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

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